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  1. tef89

    Help DIALER - have to press KEYPAD twice

    I've noticed when using the dialer on my Moto G 4G I have to press the keypad twice before the numbers to dial with appear. The first time I get a blank white page, so I press back, then press the dialer again, this then brings up the numbers. Anyone else get this ?
  2. tef89

    Help Call Volume too high [Desire HD]

    Just got a Desire HD and flashed it with Leedroid 3.3. On some calls the in-call volume is ridiculously loud - have to hold the phone away from my ear to use the handset. I've set the in-call volume to the lowest setting too. This doesn't seem to happen with all calls but it doesn't seem to...
  3. tef89

    Root CyanogenMOD 'Quiet Hours'

    I'm using 5.1 DeFrost which has the CyanogenMOD built in and I can't seem to get the 'Quiet Hours' option in it's Sound settings to work. I tick the 'Enable' option and set up the time period and yet the phone still rings etc. I've noticed it was the same in 4.9/5.0 for me aswell. Any ideas ?
  4. tef89

    When does your Phone switch off (Battery %)

    My Desire seems to switch off once the battery gets to just under 10%. What does yours do ?
  5. tef89

    Help A Network Error has occurred (Market)

    Is anyone else experiencing this annoying error regularly when trying to use the Market ? : "A network error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen." I've been getting this for the last few weeks both on wifi & 3g, always when I have good connectivity on both voice...
  6. tef89

    Help 2.10.405.2 updated , now Facebook won't login

    Did the latest update and ever since I cannot log Into Facebook whilst connected to mobile data. IF I try via WiFi it works fine. Even if I use the browser instead of the app it reports that I'm trying to connect with an ip address that's associated with 'abuse'. Anyone had anything similar ?
  7. tef89

    Help Browser crashing

    Ok so I had the browser (stock) crashing problem yesterday, used the downgraded flash install and all seemed well - but the problem returned: browser would crash when flash content was there on the page (mainly BBC news site). So I decided to do a full factory reset and since then all was fine...
  8. tef89

    Help Orientation after 2.2

    After 2.2 (stock update done whilst away for repair by HTC) my phone will flip orientation WAY too much, sometimes only the slightest turn will trigger it but occasionally no movement is required at all (as in it's flat on the desk) - I do realise 2.2 added the feature that the app remembers the...
  9. tef89

    Root Can't Mount SD / No Phone Network

    Ok, where to begin: I Rooted this weekend and have been installing a few roms, all has been fine. This afternoon I tried to partition a fresh SDcard using the windows-recover.bat method to allow apps2sd and that (I believe) is where it all went wrong. When I rebooted the phone it went into a...
  10. tef89

    The best Froyo ROM (without Sense) ?

    I've tried a few different ROMS, some with Sense and some without. I've decided I like the cleaness of 2.2 without Sense, so my question is which are the best ones ? I've tried fighting my way through the posts on XDA but the search function is just pointless and it's really tough to pick...
  11. tef89

    Root Awake Time in Froyo ?

    Just installed a Froyo ROM onto my Desire and I can see the 'Up-time' in .About phone', Status ... but I can't see the 'Awake-time' anywhere as it did in the normal std Sense 2.1 ... am I missing something obvious ? I've checked in Battery Use but don't see it anywhere. If not is there an app...
  12. tef89

    Root Froyo 2.2 Nexus 1 ROM c/w PHONE keypad ?

    Just flashed my first few ROMs last night and I'm loving it :) I've put a couple of different ones on and I do like Sense but I really love the Nexus One type ROMS, only problem is I just can't live without the 'Phone' Keypad type keyboard that comes with Sense. So is there a good stable 2.2...
  13. tef89

    Root How do I check if Rooting was successful ?

    I've followed the HOW TO: Root Your Desire Easily (Method #2) guide and the app reported 'Done' - the phone boots back up fine etc but how do I know it it actually worked ? Not trying any customs roms yet but I have tried to install Titanium backup and that failed after I gave it super-user...
  14. tef89

    Help Missing Vibration ? ... give it a tap!

    Ok my desire is now losing vibration pretty much every single day. Tried lots of different ways to get it back, and to it's credit lol it usually turns up one way or another. Well I think I've isolated the problem to a manufacturing fault, at least on my phone - no idea if it's across the...
  15. tef89

    Anonymous SMS after Voicemail

    There's a few threads about the Anonymous sms that shows up on the phone from time to time. I've recently realised it's the New Voicemail alert that Orange send through to advise of a new message. It seems to store this on the SIM card and even if you go to your voicemail and delete the new...
  16. tef89

    Backup Solution - What's your's ?

    Since getting my phone about a month ago I must have reset it about 10 times or more trying to correct various issues etc. Most recently It had lasted a good few weeks before the missing vibration returned and invoked me to reset. I've tried the inbuilt system backup (that seemed to half work...
  17. tef89

    Is the Market working (9.40am) ?

    Is the Market working for everyone (UK) ? Just had to do a factory reset and am kinda stuck cos my download just sits at 'Starting Download' for ever, tried via wifi and 3G
  18. tef89

    Help SMS sending failure (on ORANGE)

    Today I've just started having many SMS failures when trying to send via my Desire handset on the Orange UK network. I've put the sim in another phone and the messages send (and receive) fine. I've done a factory reset and still the problem remains - 'SMS unable to send' notification...