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  1. Amaroth

    Running on battery time

    How come the time on battery in battery info doesn't reset when I plug it in? It currently says it's been running on battery for 10 + hours but that's totally false. I had it plugged in a few times before heading out today. I noticed my DROID3 had issues with that too. Maybe it's an android...
  2. Amaroth

    LTE OnOff

    This is the only app I have tried that can turn off 4G or turn off radios completely. Is there any others that work better? Any home widgets that can do it in one tap? What's your methods to save battery life?
  3. Amaroth

    Wp clock live wallpaper on rezound

    Just wondering if anybody uses this wallpaper. No matter what settings I put I can't get the thing to animate or the background to scroll. Any input? :)
  4. Amaroth

    Rezound Mail app

    Seems like most of the time when I get new email, it doesnt show up right away in the stock mail app.. even when I hit refresh.. but then it will finally notify me like 5 minutes later? The gmail app is instant but I thought I would try out the stock mail app for a while since my Rezound is...
  5. Amaroth

    Help Vignette + Camera Zoom FX ISO settings?

    I am running CM9, don't know if that matters, but I cannot for the life of me find where the ISO settings are for either app. Can someone help me out?? Twitter is failing me. Can't find it on google.. am i blind
  6. Amaroth

    Root Adobe Flash in CM9

    I just recently went from CM7 to CM9 and although it is amazing the lack of flash in the browser is really annoying. I've looked everywhere for a fix but i dont think there is a solution yet. I just wanted to post this here because everywhere i read about CM9 on D3 it doesn't even seem to be an...
  7. Amaroth

    Root ad blocker?

    I used to use the adblocker from the overclocking app on my droid X.. whats the best adblocker to use for D3?
  8. Amaroth

    Root Galaxy S II keyboard and messanger?

    I was just watching some videos of the new sprint version GSII and I liked how the keyboard and messaging looked. Is there a way to get that on the D3?? Would be cool..
  9. Amaroth

    Root Swype beta

    I moved the D3 preinstalled swype.apk to a backup folder and tried to use the swype beta installer to get the latest swype version. After selecting swype as my input however it immediately force closes. Am I missing a step or something? Or maybe the new betas do not run on D3 yet? any clues?
  10. Amaroth

    DROID 3 Google+ circle?

    Anyone with a DROID 3 on Google+? Feelin socially lonesome on there... lol my email is my username@gmail I need more friends :0
  11. Amaroth

    Droid 3 data/3g toggle widget?

    So I had one that worked on my droid x. I forgot the name of it but I figured I would post here so new Droid 3 people cam find out about it. I'm gonna go check now to see if it works on here..
  12. Amaroth

    Help Volume notification icon?

    My notification bar has a volume icon on it. It wont go away and this is the first time Ive seen it. Is it something obvious? Im on Ota gb update. Its the same icon you see when you adjust the volume..
  13. Amaroth

    Help Facebook invalid password after changing fb password

    So I changed my password for facebook online.. and now my facebook app wont sign in. It keeps telling me it's an invalid username/password. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled and still the same problem. I can login to facebook with my new pass on my computer perfectly fine. Also facebook on...
  14. Amaroth

    Help audio effects shortcut?

    I swear I was able to create a shortcut directly to the media audio effects settings before.. I just installed launcher pro and erased all my shortcuts. Now I can't remember how I did it. I've searched google all day long and I can't find anything at all which confuses the hell out of me. Im...
  15. Amaroth

    Help Recorded video; Blank File

    I recorded a video and for some reason the file that was created is a blank 108 3gp video file. When i try and play it in VLC it says its 39 minutes long but nothing plays. I am kinda furious because I have no clue how to save this video or if it is even possible. It was shooting fine at the...
  16. Amaroth

    Browser always refreshing

    I freakin hate how whenever you leave the browser to do something else and then come back to it later it always REFRESHES THE PAGE. Like even if its for 2 seconds to check a text message. When you come back to it it automatically refreshes. It's been irritating me more now than ever :(!
  17. Amaroth

    Help anybody having gallery issues?

    I have launcher pro and root. I don't know if that means anything but im having issues with the stock gallery. Basically i can't scroll through videos and pictures by swiping. It stopped working like last week. It will show half of the next item but it wont keep scrolling. Another thing is when...
  18. Amaroth

    Help Put ringtone on phone internal memory?

    Is there a way to move a ringtone to the phone's native memory instead of the sd card? I am tired of the beeps I get when I plug in my usb or turn off/on my phone. I have root on my phone I just don't know how to do it...
  19. Amaroth

    Help phone reboots & contact issue

    So.. the first couple weeks with the Droid X has been fine, but lately it's been rebooting everytime that I plug it into my car mount or plug it in to my pc. It will just go black and show the Droid logo and restart. Sometimes it will hang at the red eye animation and I have to do a battery pull...
  20. Amaroth

    unable to change a contact number, text issue

  21. Amaroth

    Help unable to change a contact number, text issue

    So I have had many android phones, and many non android phones. I was always able to keep all of my contacts on every one. One of my friends who I text a lot always had +1 at the beginning of his number. I have had no troubles texting him on any phone before except for the Droid X. For some...
  22. Amaroth

    Help new issue with my droid x- usb connection

    So 2 days ago this new thing started happening when i plug in the usb charger or connect it to my car dock. When i plug it in, the phone reboots and goes to the droid logo/droid eye screen and hangs there. I have to pull the battery to turn it off and back on again. Once it reboots it doesn't...
  23. Amaroth

    English guide for MelOn korean music app?

    Are there anykpop music fans who use this app here? Can you buy mp3s in the usa with this app? Would be hella cool if I could! MelOn | AndroidApplications.com
  24. Amaroth

    Help for anyone that has the facbook > contacts intergration

    My aunt's name is Dee Dee, and I have a singer by the same name on my myspace and facebook friends list. Well my contact list on my phone shows the picture of the singer, as well as the updates from the singer. I tried tio edit the contact and I put in my aunt's facebook page as her profile...
  25. Amaroth

    Help My D.X keeps saying VERIZON WIRELESS??

    I dont know what is going on but my phone keeps playing a sound of a woman saying VERIZON WIRELESS like randomly... IM SCARED!! does anybody know what the hell is going on?