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  1. driodUser

    How to disable fingerprint sensor from waking up screen?

    Hey just go to bootloader and then go to erase all settings. That will remove the fingerprint opening.
  2. driodUser

    Android Driving Assistance on Used Cars

    I need some help on which car to buy I used the driving assistance options a lot previously. It is definitely understood that you need to have a GPS built into the car, properly connected to the device in order to operate the driving assistance. The models that I am researching are the Honda...
  3. driodUser

    Black Friday 2023! (Share Your Buys!)

    Check out this Cyber Monday buy!
  4. driodUser

    Welcome to the Flock: Android Forums is now Early Bird Club!

    I'm smoking a cigarette to this.
  5. driodUser

    What's New In the Google Pixel?

    The reply's are great and are helpful. I'm going to use all this feedback. Anyone else willing to reply their opinion?
  6. driodUser

    VOTE: Best Tech Products in 2023

    Wow great thread topic I'm definitely putting my vote in. Google products are going to hit the top of the list..
  7. driodUser

    What's New In the Google Pixel?

    Hey guys I'm going to purchase the Google Pixel 8. Can you describe the new features in the model? What different variations are available? Is it even any good to purchase the Google Pixel 8? Thanks for everyone's feedback!
  8. driodUser

    Looking for Smartphone advice

    Yeah you need to get the latest Pixel with the largest memory.
  9. driodUser

    New Member

    Hey Android Forum I am a new member and have been active in the android community before but took a break for the last two years. I am currently running the latest Google Pixel and am liking it so far. Looks like people are active on here and I will be to.