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    Help Unregistered SIM

    This has happened to me a couple times now. Usually find out about it because of delivered sms. Also, from the lock screen it'll say "unregistered SIM". So far, restarting the phone solves the problem. But I'd like to know what is causing it?
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    Help how do you know an sd card is pooched?

    I tried to format a problem sd card yesterday, but it keeps coming up that the write protect switch was on. I tried it with my phone, my laptop, and SDFormatter. No luck. I can't delete anything either.
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    Help running apps (in settings)

    I was cleaning up some stuff on my phone last night, stopping some processes, when I came to TiKL. It sort of froze for a moment, then unfroze just as I hit it again, and I think I may have stopped another process unintentionally. So, on a pretty much stock P500, what should be running? It's...
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    Help Shuts off by itself, battery life

    My p500 shuts off by itself, and I'd like to know why, and what to do to fix it. It usually shuts off sometime between 2 and 3 pm. Bluetooth, wifi and gps are turned off most times, but it doesn't really matter if they are turned on or not, it'll still power off. I couldn't find any place in...