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  1. Usalabs

    Accessories A tip on how NOT to get ads during playing some games.

    OK, here's a solution to stop those annoying ads from overtaking your gaming pleasure, especially when you're about to touch an area, then just as you touch it a full screen ad appears and you accidentally start the play store to download it, this is NOT acceptable, this tip only works with...
  2. Usalabs

    Cases Do NOT under any circumstances root the RCA tablet, and here's why.

    After buying the RCA Viking Pro (around 2 years a go), I noticed it was really quick, even though it had a stock firmware and Android 5, but I wanted to root it so I used a custom ROM (Surf1001), and installed the new ROM along with the new loader, so now when I check up the stats, it shows (at...
  3. Usalabs

    Help Why does the battery saver not re-enable WiFi after a full charge?

    Sometimes I forget to charge the phone and it goes into battery saver which as you know disables certain features that would otherwise use battery such as WiFi, but recently I found that after I charge the phone the WiFi doesn't come back on again, and I have been using phone data all this time...