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  1. AZDroid

    Tweetcaster For Android Now Available On The Market

    The Tweetcaster twitter app is now in the Market. The UI is nice but I need a day of use to see if it's a keeper. There seemed to be good buzz about it when it was leaked recently. I saw that the Pro version key was free as well so I grabbed that too :D
  2. AZDroid

    Help Google Search Location Unavailable

    On my Motorola DROID, when I open the browser and open google.com for a search it always says location unavailable. Save recent locations is set to on, location is set to allow. GPS is on and I have strong 3G signal. I can go to maps and it finds my location quickly and spot-on. I also have...
  3. AZDroid

    Help Voice dialer issues, are there settings somewhere?

    I have been having major issues with the voice dialer. If I say call mom or call dad, works great, call Gram and Rafael, works perfect....but if I say call Margaret it only lists one contact but I have two Margarets in my contact list. Even if I say call Margaret "Lastname" it brings up only the...
  4. AZDroid

    Sites or Apps for watching TV and Video

    I know I can play videos on youtube, and I have the tv.com app that allows watching full episodes of some shows. News videos on m.msn.com won't play, even on the mobile site which is weird, but if I go to m.nbc.com I can watch full episodes of shows there. Video from cnn mobile doesn't...
  5. AZDroid

    email marked read changes itself to unread and sends new notification

    I have a few gmail accounts on my Droid and that work fine, but my msn email that I added has a problem. If I get messages and don't open them, then 15 minutes later I get a notification of new mail, but when I check there's nothing new. So then I tried marking messages read to prevent this but...
  6. AZDroid

    Hello from a BlackBerry expert turned Droid noob!

    I have been an avid BlackBerry user for the last few years and have been dying to try an Android device. Finally made the jump and got the Motorola Droid! Found lots of helpful info here so far, thank you! For the most part I am loving this phone but there are few things I miss about my BB...