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    You can't save here. PLease Choose another location.

    Ever since i have gotten my motion, I have not been able to directly download files from Chrome to the internal or the external sd card. Has this happened to anyone else? And does anyone know why?
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    Help Old Sd Card contents don't appear on LG Motion

    So some of the content on my sd card won't show up on my Motion :/ internal or external Before the motion I used an Admire. I copied the files to my comp and formatted my card but still no luck :(. Could this be a gingerbread/ICS problem? PS: Iv'e used root explorer and astro
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    Help Metropcs's Upgrade Fee

    If I purchase the motion through wirefly. Will I be charged the upgrade fee if I bring it to a metro store? Or is it possible to activate through the phone or web? How did you guys activate it? Not being cheap, just want to see if I can save $15 if it's possible.
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    Help [Solved] Memory Question

    Quick question motioners :P What's the usable internal memory of the motion? And could all of it be used for apps? (In case of partitions or whatever its called)