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  1. vin619

    Accessories Note 4 LED Flip Wallet

    Went to Korea and found this flip case in a real samsung store, I know it was never sold in US so I picked it for cheap, LED works well but I don't know if it has a NFC or wireless charging, lost the box I guess left it in the hotel so I google it but can't find if it has a NFC or wireless...
  2. vin619

    Back to my G3

    Last January my company told us that they will just give us $130 a month for our wireless phones/plan instead of them paying for it w/ AT&T. I can keep my LG G3 unit AT&T unlock the phone for me but when I switched to T-Mobile I had a chance to take a Nexus 6 or Note 4 so I picked up a note 4...
  3. vin619

    Other way

    Any alternative way to transfer music to android wear? Specifically g watch r, google play music transfer is so slow.
  4. vin619

    Lg G watch R app request

    Just got my Lg G watch R Tuesday, and is there a app where if the watch was separated with in 30 feet the phone will ring and the watch will vibrate?