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    Google play store help

    I don't know how to fix this or if it's in Google end . When I go and install a game or app it dose great. But when I pre register for a game . The Google play store app just crashes on me. Any help will be thanked
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    How to make a cell

    I will try to explain the best way I can. I would like to know how to make a cell is what I call it . You know how google has a cell thing for all of the widgets it has all in one place well I would like to know how to make them to put apks in one place. Tried to find out, but have not found...
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    Any way to update

    I have had a older Tab E given to me . the model number is SM-T337T it has Android version 7.1.1 , i tried to up date it to at least Android 9 , but it will not work , it there any ways i can ? tried to do some of it but this device says with the Samsung Experiance is well been taken off...
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    Google drive and game play

    I hope i can explain this good !! But with Google coming out with the *Stadia * for streaming games , I was just wondering if they have made a app for your cell phones to stream your games ? Like you have the Google Drive ok ..But how about let us us down load games to our google drives and...
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    Not sure what place to put this

    For the longest time i was using blue Stacks on my computer ok! but now Recently i was given a Samsung Galaxy j3 orbit . I was just wondering there is any easy way to transfer some of the games and stuff over From blue stacks to my phone , So i do not use up any data ? or is this a lost...
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    Google plus log in

    I need to know have to save every thing !!!! Please any help Will be thanked .. As you all know Google plus is leaving which puts some of us in a bind . Im sure this will effect every one on Cell phones and any Android Emulators ,, As i was looking It says this for all my games and stuff...
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    BlueStacks game help

    Hi every one ! I hope some one here can help me with a issue with a game Im using Blue stack N i have looked every where for any type of solution Im wanting to play a game called Rangers of Oblivion Very large file from it . But when i go to open it it just will not open up no matter what...
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    Help Android Emulator help

    Hi there , i would like to know if any one else is having this issue . See after the window 10 update on may 22 , 2018 . When I open up my Nox player app Now all i get is the blue screen of death ? this should not be happening , but any way, is there any thing on the emulator i can do ? or...
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    I'm hoping one day

    I love blue Stacks its very great ! my future suggestion is Maybe That blue stack will come up with it own OS . I have another computer but i would love to make it a full head on Android computer like a beast . but the lack of a actual Android os is terrible i dont like how the others look...