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ad blocking

  1. Android News

    93% of mobile adblock users live in the Asia-pacific region

    The latest numbers how that 22% of smartphone user rely on some form of ad blocking software on their devices, but surprisingly, that number is extremely low in Europe and North America. 93% of those users are based in the Asia-pacific region while only 2% reside in the US. Slower data speeds...
  2. Android News

    Three UK to start blocking mobile ads next month

    Three UK is finally ready to trial its mobile ad blocking capabilities. Starting next month, smartphone users on Three UK's mobile network will start seeing fewer ads. While the company claims that they have the customer's best interest in mind, Three is really interested in getting a cut of...
  3. Android News

    Opera releases ad-blocking for its mobile browser

    Developers have been able to use Opera's built-in ad-blocking feature for a while, but the company has just released an update for its desktop on mobile browser which makes the feature available to everyone. While the ethics of using ad-blockers is still questionable, Opera claims that the...
  4. Android News

    Network-level ad blocking coming to Three's network in the UK and Italy this year

    Three has announced that it has installed Shine's ad blocking service on its networks in Italy and the UK. While the service isn't turned on yet, Three says that it expects to flip the switch the coming months. One turned on, Three's customers in Italy and the UK will see fewer ads as they surf...