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  1. Android News

    The Adidas All Day fitness app is now available in the Play Store

    Three months ago, Adidas announced they would be launching a fitness application soon and now it is available. The goal here is to present insights about different health aspects like mindset, movement, nutrition rest.
  2. Android News

    Adidas to shut down miCoach services

    Adidas has announced it will be shutting down miCoach and instead will focus on Runtastic, which it acquired in 2015. Current miCoach users can migrate to Runtastic before the shutdown in 2018.
  3. Android News

    Adidas wearable tracks heart rate for kids during gym class

    Adidas has revealed a new wearable fitness tracker, but this one is for the kids. It's called the Adidas ZONE, and includes a heart rate monitor. The tracker is synced up to Adidas' health platform for teachers to track the health of their students as they go through physical education (gym)...
  4. Android News

    Adidas Releases an Open Beta Version of its Train & Run Application

    Adidas has an application called Train & Run in the Play Store which is very similar to the other fitness applications that are available. So instead of opting for Google Play's beta program, the company has released the Beta version of the application as its own separate entry. So now users...