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adobe flash

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    Firefox 56 spells the end of Flash support

    Firefox version 56 is rolling out. One of the major changes is dropped support for devices running Android 4.1 or earlier, which means Adobe Flash support is no longer possible for the browser.
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    Adobe prompts Chrome users to enable an extension after installing security updates

    Adobe has a habit of sending out security patches on Tuesdays, and after today's update Chrome users were asked to activate an Adobe extension after the update was installed.
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    Google details how they'll be phasing out Flash in Chrome's upcoming updates

    Google has previously confirmed they want to stop automatically allowing Flash to be enabled in Chrome. Today, they announced some details about how this will work. So, with the upcoming Chrome 55 update, 1% of users will switch to HTML5 By Default. They will then switch 50% of Chrome 56 Beta...
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    In December, Google will make HTML5 (instead of Flash) the default experience within Chrome

    Google is getting serious with its battle against Flash and they're taking some small steps next month with much bigger steps happening in December. In Chrome version 53, Chrome will block non-essential Flash scripts that are loading in the background. Come December with version 55 of Chrome...
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    Google plans to disable flash in Google Chrome by the end of this year

    Flash currently comes enabled by default on Google Chrome installations, but Google has detailed plans to disable the plugin by the end of the year. The change will happen in the 4th quarter. Google has created a small reprieve for the top 10 sites which use flash, such as Twitch, YouTube and...
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    Flash could die in the next 2 years

    In 2014, flash video accounted for 21% of all online video and we saw this number drop to only 6% in 2015. It is believed that Flash will be dead by 2018 and it will be succeeded by WebM as it is royalty-free, but could face some competition against H.265