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  1. Android News

    Adobe Scan uses AI to find documents in your photo gallery

    Adobe introduced a new feature for Scan, the iOS and Android app that converts scanned documents into editable PDFs using your phone's camera. Thanks to the latest update, Scan can look through your phone's pictures and find receipts, documents, and more to automatically retrieve and store them...
  2. Android News

    Firefox 56 spells the end of Flash support

    Firefox version 56 is rolling out. One of the major changes is dropped support for devices running Android 4.1 or earlier, which means Adobe Flash support is no longer possible for the browser.
  3. Android News

    Adobe Lightroom update makes interface fully native

    Adobe Lightroom is getting an update today that includes a completely redesigned interface. The company says it's now fully native to Android, but don't expect it to look considerably different. It does most of the same things, but it's a bit smoother and faster while doing them.
  4. Android News

    Adobe Scan is a new application that supports text recognition and works with Document Cloud

    Adobe has just published a new application in the Play Store called Adobe Scan and is similar to what is offered by Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Lens.
  5. Android News

    Adobe updates its Photoshop apps on the Play Store

    Adobe has just pushed an update to both its Photoshop Express and Photoshop Mix Android apps. The Express update includes the ability to save images directly to Lightroom as well as the ability to open additional RAW file types. The Mix update now includes Chromebook support and keyboard shortcuts.
  6. Android News

    Adobe Lightroom Mobile gets RAW HDR Capture mode

    Lighroom for Mobile has been updated with a new mode that lets you capture HDR imagery directly as RAW photos. The feature is only available for the Galaxy S7 family and Pixel family for now.
  7. Android News

    Adobe brings Creative Cloud apps to Chromebooks

    Now that Chromebooks can run Android apps, Adobe is able to bring their Creative Cloud suite of apps for Android to Chromebook users. The available apps include Photoshop Mix, Lightroom mobile, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, Comp CC and Creative Cloud Mobile. We were only told to expect...
  8. Android News

    Adobe prompts Chrome users to enable an extension after installing security updates

    Adobe has a habit of sending out security patches on Tuesdays, and after today's update Chrome users were asked to activate an Adobe extension after the update was installed.
  9. Android News

    Adobe demonstrates a voice-controlled photo editor app on video

    Adobe is known for their photo editing software, and they're trying to make it even more unique with their latest concept. The video shows someone making a series of edits to a photo completely with voice actions, and then has the app publish the results to Facebook.
  10. Android News

    Adobe updates their Capture CC app with support for Android tablets

    Adobe Capture CC is an application that lets you quickly capture, edit and share uniquely crafted design assets. Adobe has just pushed out an update to this Android application that adds support for tablets, but they forgot to add landscape mode to it.
  11. Android News

    Google details how they'll be phasing out Flash in Chrome's upcoming updates

    Google has previously confirmed they want to stop automatically allowing Flash to be enabled in Chrome. Today, they announced some details about how this will work. So, with the upcoming Chrome 55 update, 1% of users will switch to HTML5 By Default. They will then switch 50% of Chrome 56 Beta...
  12. Android News

    Report says Cyber Monday this year saw customers spending over $1 billion on mobile devices

    A new report from Adobe says customers in the US spent over 3 billion on Cyber Monday this year. When we focus on mobile devices, the report says over $1.2 billion was spent on smartphones and tablets.
  13. Android News

    Report says the US spent over $1 billion on mobile products during Black Friday this year

    Overall, it's being reported that people in the United States spent over $5 billion on products across Thursday and Friday of last week. Digging into these stats though, we are told that people ended up spending over $1 billion on products specifically pertaining to mobile technology.
  14. Android News

    Adobe Lightroom is updated with full RAW support for Android devices

    Adobe has just pushed an update to the Lightroom Android application which adds full RAW support. This will allow users to edit full-resolution RAW files with the mobile application, without needing to use your desktop computer.
  15. Android News

    Adobe publishes Photoshop Fix in the Play Store for free

    Adobe has been working hard on their mobile applications and the company's latest app is called Photoshop Fix. This app gives the user the ability to do a number of quick edits to their photos including features like heal, smooth, liquify, and lighten.
  16. Android News

    Adobe releases new creative apps for Android

    Adobe today announced the launch of both Photoshop Sketch and Comp CC on Android. Sketch makes it easy to make rough drawings for new projects, while Comp CC is a wire frame design tool. The apps are free to try if you have a basic Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, but some features or...
  17. Android News

    Adobe Photoshop Express 3 gets new tablet-optimized interface update

    Adobe has given its Photoshop Express 3 app a facelift, bringing a more modern look and finally removing those old Holo menus. The app has also been optimized for tablets, so you can finally make use of it on a bigger screen.
  18. Android News

    In December, Google will make HTML5 (instead of Flash) the default experience within Chrome

    Google is getting serious with its battle against Flash and they're taking some small steps next month with much bigger steps happening in December. In Chrome version 53, Chrome will block non-essential Flash scripts that are loading in the background. Come December with version 55 of Chrome...
  19. Android News

    Adobe Photoshop Mix gets updated to version 2.0, adds additional layer features

    Adobe has just updated their Photoshop Mix application and they've been focusing on the app's layers features. The changes in this update include. . . - Ability to combine more than two layers: Create more complex images now that you can combine up to five layers in a single image. -...
  20. Android News

    Adobe Lightroom brings pro mode to camera

    Adobe Lightroom's latest update is improving the built-in camera. The camera can now go into pro mode which lets users adjust settings like ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and focus.
  21. Android News

    Adobe Illustrator Draw 2.0 adds improved brushes, tablet compatibility, S-Pen support and more

    Adobe Illustrator Draw -- an app that focuses on letting you draw things -- is getting a pretty nice upgrade today. New features include improved tablet compatibility, support for S-Pen users, an easier way to access your brushes, and more.
  22. Android News

    Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android receives an update, now lets you connect your Dropbox account

    Adobe has just pushed out an update to their Acrobat Reader for Android application. This update includes the following changes. . . - Connect your Dropbox account to Acrobat Reader so you can: - Browse and open your files. - Annotate, edit and sign PDF files. - Save changes back to...
  23. Android News

    Adobe Lightroom 2.0 for Android brings photo filter preview, new toning tools and more

    Adobe has released version 2.0 of Lightroom for Android. The update brings more features that we enjoy on the desktop version. One of the biggest additions is a filter preview that allows you to see how a photo will look with a set of filters and adjustments before snapping the photo, and the...
  24. Android News

    Flash could die in the next 2 years

    In 2014, flash video accounted for 21% of all online video and we saw this number drop to only 6% in 2015. It is believed that Flash will be dead by 2018 and it will be succeeded by WebM as it is royalty-free, but could face some competition against H.265
  25. Android News

    Adobe Lightroom for Android is now free to use

    Adobe Lightroom for Android users can now use the app for free without any monthly Creative Crowd subscription. Rejoice!