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adult swim

  1. Android News

    Adult Swim's Android app finally supports Chromecast

    Adult Swim has finally added Chromecast support to its Android app after years of requests.
  2. Android News

    Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn Attack 3 is now available in the Play Store

    Adult Swim started allowing people to register for their new Robot Unicorn game last month and now it's fully available to download in the Play Store. The game is still a side-scrolling endless runner, but everything is now rendered in 3D.
  3. Android News

    You can now pre-register for Robot Unicorn Attack 3 in the Play Store

    Adult Swim has done better with their mobile games than most would have predicted, and now they're about to launch the third chapter in the Robot unicorn Attack series. Part 3 has already launched in a few markets (like in New Zealand), and will be widely available soon.
  4. Android News

    Now there's an Adult Swim Keyboard app in the Play Store

    Adult Swim has made a name for itself in the Play Store thanks to their mobile games, but now they're experimenting with something else. The Adult Swim keyboard replaces your regular keys with emojis, GIFs and stickers based on the channels own cartoons.
  5. Android News

    Adult Swim Parody's Pokemon with the Release of Pocket Mortys for Android

    Adult Swim has just released a new game for Android in the Google Play Store. The game is a spoof of the Pokemon series, where you capture and train 70 different Mortys to battle against the bad guys.