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  1. Cao Van Thanh

    [APP][4.0+][Free] Adware Hunter - Popup Ad Detector & Find Cause

    Ad popup shows on screen? Use this app to find which is cause Device always show ad popup? This app can help you to fix Adware Hunter Is a small tool that helps you to find what is the app/adware that cause of popups on your screen. Adware Hunter is completely free and be updated based on...
  2. Android News

    Multiple apps in the Play Store are continuously showing pop-up ads

    Some security researchers have discovered at least 47 applications in the Play Store that come with the MarsDae library. This 3rd-party library is what continuously shows pop-up ads even after the user has closed it.
  3. Android News

    Some adware made in Russia allowed hackers to gain control over Android devices

    Many people dislike bloatware in the form of adware and spyware because they value privacy, while others fear they can be hacked and used against you. A piece of Russian adware called Ewind has been discovered to allow hackers to gain control over your Android device.
  4. Android News

    Android adware silently infects 10,000 devices through the Play Store

    Researchers have identified a new adware infection which has spread to more than 10,000 Android devices through the Play Store. The reason the adware wasn't flagged sooner is because it lied dormant until an app is launched and then delivers ads within that app which are targeted specifically to...