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  1. Android News

    AirDroid's desktop client gets updated with a built-in file manager

    Sand Studios has updated the desktop client for AirDroid while including a full file manager built-in. This can be accessed from the new folder tab on the left side and allows drag-and-drop file copying to your Android device.
  2. Android News

    Latest beta update to AirDroid fixes the recently announced security issues

    The developers behind AirDroid have just pushed out a new beta update to their Android application. This brings its version number up to, and it comes with security patches that fix the recently announced vulnerability issues.
  3. Android News

    AirDroid developers respond to the recently discovered vulnerabilities

    Yesterday, some security researchers discovered some vulnerabilities within AirDroid that allowed their 20 million users to become targeted by hackers. The company says they are scheduling an update in the next two weeks, and warns their users to be alarmed when connecting to any open WiFi network.
  4. Android News

    Researchers discover a vulnerability in AirDroid that allows hackers to execute malicious code

    Researchers from Zimperium just did an analysis of AirDroid and how it communicates with other devices. Upon inspection, they have discovered a vulnerability that could allow hackers to remotely execute code on your device.
  5. Android News

    AirDroid gets updated to 4.0, completely redesigns the user interface

    The developers behind AirDroid have just pushed out a new update of their Android application to the Play Store. This update gives the app a new color scheme, changes up the graphics, and redesigns the overall layout in an attempt to make it more user friendly.
  6. Android News

    Latest AirDroid update will automatically backup your photos to the local network

    The latest update to AirDroid brings the ability to automatically backup the photos you've taken to a specific folder on the local network. To gain access to this new feature, you’ll need to have version 3.3.1 of the desktop client and version 3.2.1 of the Android client.
  7. Android News

    AirDroid's latest update brings clipboard and keyboard sharing between your devices and more

    The latest app update from AirDroid brings some pretty nifty features. Primarily, users will now be able to share their Clipboard and keyboard input between various devices. Additonally, the update brings the ability to reply to Skype and LINE conversations from your desktop.