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amazon dash

  1. Android News

    Deal: Buy one $5 Dash button, get two free plus $5 credit per button

    When buying an Amazon Dash Button for $4.99, you'll get two extra dash buttons for free, and all Dash buttons give you a $4.99 credit the first time you use them. That's $25 total coming back to you with $10 in free Dash buttons and $15 in credit after you use each one.
  2. Android News

    Amazon UK now has over 100 instant-order Dash buttons

    Amazon UK has announced that as part of another product refresh, it's made another 39 items available via Dash buttons, taking the total to over 100.
  3. admyrick

    DEAL: Purchase an Amazon Dash button for $1 and get $5 in credits

    Amazon's Dash buttons are on sale for just $1 when using the promo code, KINJADASH. The best part about this is that while you get to save $4 using the promo code, you will also receive a $5 credit when using the Dash button for the first time.
  4. Android News

    Someone uses the Amazon Dash to send an SMS with Tasker

    People have been modifying the Amazon Dash buttons to do all sorts of different things, and it's relatively easy to integrate into Android too. A Reddit user is using his Amazon Dash button to trigger Tasker into sending a specific text message from his Android smartphone.