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amazon echo dot

  1. Android News

    Amazon Echo and Music Unlimited coming to Australia and New Zealand

    Amazon is expanding its smart assistant lineup to two new markets. Amazon customers in Australia and New Zealand can take advantage of Amazon's virtual assistant starting February 1. Today, customers in these markets can pre-order three different Echo devices: the Echo, Echo Dot, and the Echo Plus.
  2. Android News

    Deal: Amazon Black Friday Early Access with Alexa

    Black Friday Early Access starts today with Alexa Voice Shopping. Starting at 5pm PT | 8pm ET, save $20 on an Echo Dot, $15 on a Fire TV Stick, $50 on an Echo Show, and more, only available when you order with Alexa. Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote $24.99 Echo Dot $29.99 Fire 7 Tablet $29.99...
  3. admyrick

    DEAL: Amazon Echo Dot for just $40

    Amazon has discounted the Echo Dot by $10, bringing the price down to just $40 for today only
  4. Android News

    Amazon Alexa and Echo products finally make debut in India

    Amazon has finally brought Alexa to India. With it come several Echo products, including the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus.
  5. Android News

    These new battery packs allow you to use your Google Home or Echo Dot on the go

    The accessory company Ninety7 is continuing its quest to untether smart speakers from wall outlets with the introduction of new battery packs designed for the Echo Dot and Google Home.
  6. Android News

    The iHome iAVS1 alarm clock lets you put the Echo Dot inside

    On one hand, it's good thing that so many accessories manufacturers are jumping onto the Echo Dot bandwagon. Amazon's budget Echo is a prime candidate for cheap accessories that make it do more than was originally intended. But that may be the undoing of the iHome iAVS1 clock.
  7. Android News

    Multi-room audio comes to Amazon Echo

    Amazon has announced that multi-room audio functionality is now available for the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. This allows you to play music over multiple speakers in your home at the same time in perfect sync.
  8. Android News

    Amazon is bringing the intercom system back into our homes with a new Echo update

    A new update to the Amazon Echo devices will add intercom functionality to them. So even if your house isn't wired with an intercom system like some older houses are, you can just use multiple devices to create your own.
  9. Android News

    Amazon Echo and Kindle devices discounted for Father's Day

    Amazon has several discounts on its Echo and Kindle devices for Father's Day this year. You can get an Echo for $139, or an Echo Dot for only $39.99.
  10. Android News

    Deal: Save 20% off the Amazon Echo Dot, only $39.99

    Amazon has a great deal on the Amazon Echo Dot, dropping the price down to just $39.99. That's an extremely cheap way to get in on the personal assistant craze if you haven't already.
  11. Android News

    Amazon adds official Office 365 calendar support to Alexa enabled devices

    All Amazon Alexa enable devices now support Office 365's calendar functions with its latest update. So now you can check on your next meeting as well as schedule a new one all with your voice.
  12. Android News

    You can now use the hotword 'Computer' to wake an Amazon Echo device

    You already have the ability to set the hotword trigger as Amazon, Alexa, or Echo, but now the company has added a 4th option. If you set it up manually, you can use the trigger word Computer to activate your Amazon Echo device.
  13. Android News

    Comparison between the Amazon Echo Dot and the Tap tries to pick which one is for you

    Amazon has a couple of Amazon Echo devices and it can be confusing to figure out which one is best for you. Thankfully, Android Authority has written up a comparison article to show you the differences between these two devices.
  14. Android News

    All Amazon Echo devices are officially out of stock

    Amazon has sold out of all of its Echo devices, including the Echo and Echo Dot. The Amazon Echo is out of stock until January 19th, while the Echo Dot is out of stock until after Christmas Day.
  15. Android News

    DEAL: Multiple retailers knock $40 off the Amazon Echo and $10 off the Echo Dot

    Amazon, along with other retailers like Best Buy, Staples, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, are all having a sale on the Echo and the Echo Dot. You can get the Amazon Echo right now for $140, and the Echo Dot for $40.
  16. Android News

    Amazon Echo Dot review calls it delightful

    A new review of the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation says the device is a cheap and delightful way to get into personal assistants. Aside from a few minor annoyances, such as a subpar web-based app, the device is powerful and useful.
  17. Android News

    Make your Amazon Echo Dot look like Google Home for only $15

    Amazon has released a new series of cases that you can slip your Echo Dot into to give them a different appearance. That's on top of the Echo Dot already coming in two different colors. There are six different cases to choose from, with three in fabric and three in leather. The three leather...
  18. Android News

    You can now browse and search any Amazon Alexa skill

    Amazon has just announced that you can now search for Alexa skills through the Amazon website. The results can also be sorted by category or filtered by user rating.
  19. Android News

    The Amazon Echo Dot is now available for purchase

    Amazon started taking pre-orders for their 2nd generation Amazon Dot product back in September, and now it's completely available. The Amazon Echo Dot costs $50 each, or you can get a 6-pack bundle for $250.
  20. Android News

    Amazon Echo Dot review (2016) recommends to purchase this instead of the Echo

    Engadget has published its full review of the new Amazon Echo Dot and suggests that you forego purchasing the Amazon Echo and get the new Echo Dot instead. The biggest reason for this is that after you connect it to a speaker, the Echo Dot is just as powerful as the regular Echo without spending...
  21. Android News

    You can now lock your BMW and send it directions with Alexa

    Back in August, BMW said they would soon support the Amazon Alexa personal assistant, and yesterday they made it happen. With the new Amazon Alexa skill, you can lock your car's doors, put a scheduled trip on it, and check the battery/fuel levels.
  22. Android News

    You can now pre-order the $50 Amazon Echo Dot

    Amazon formally introduced their $50 Amazon Echo Dot today. You can now pre-order one for $50. The device is set to ship on October 20th.
  23. Android News

    Amazon Echo and Dot will launch in UK and Germany this month

    Amazon has confirmed that they are bringing their first 2 dedicated Alexa devices to Germany and the UK. Those would be the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot. The devices allow you to use your voice to issue commands for controlling smart homes, checking the news and weather, ordering products...
  24. Android News

    Amazon accidentally reveals it has a $50 Echo Dot in the works

    Amazon accidentally Tweeted that it has a new Echo Dot in the works which will only cost $50 - a good $40 less than the Echo Dot the company released earlier this summer. The Tweet was quickly removed from Amazon's account and the link goes to the current Amazon Echo Dot page.
  25. Android News

    Lutron Caseta lighting system can now be controlled with Amazon Echo

    Owners of Lutron Caseta lighting systems can now call on Alexa to adjust their lights. The company recently added support for Amazon Echo.