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amazon kindle

  1. Android News

    Amazon is bringing Audible to its entry-level Kindle

    Amazon has confirmed that Audible support for base-model Kindle will be arriving "in the coming months".
  2. Android News

    DEAL: Amazon discounts a number of their Kindle devices

    If you're in the market for the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, or the Kindle for Kids Bundle, then Amazon has a deal for you. Each of these e-readers are on sale right now for $20 less than normal.
  3. Android News

    Kindle gets new guided view for comics

    A new update to the Kindle app now lets you view comics and other graphic novels pane by pane in guided view, similar to ComiXology's functionality. The update also allows you to search the book and your notes for specific words.
  4. Android News

    Amazon expands Prime to add free reading selections

    Amazon is greatly expanding the reading selections on Prime. Previously, users had access to 1 book per month from a very limited selection. Now, they are offering thousands of Kindle books to read. A regular rotation will ensure there is always something new to check out.
  5. Android News

    The Amazon Kindle for Kids bundle gets you the latest generation Kindle, 2-year warranty and more

    Amazon is having a little promotion right now where you can get their latest generation Kindle for $99, that comes with a protective cover, a 2-year warranty, access to 250,000 kids books and tools for reading and vocabulary.
  6. Android News

    CyanogenMod 13 makes its way to Xperia and Kindle devices

    CM13 is the latest version of the popular custom ROM for Android devices, and has just been updated with support for Sony Xperia and Amazon Kindle devices.
  7. Android News

    You can now buy Amazon's Kindles at Target again

    Four years ago, Target stopped carrying Amazon's gadgets as they felt it would encourage their customers to shop from Amazon instead of coming back to Target. Target seems to have changed their mind about the issue (probably due to a new CEO), and you can now buy Kindles from inside their...
  8. Android News

    Amazon's PageFlip feature makes it easier to flip through pages of a book

    Amazon has introduced a new feature for Kindles and Fire Tablets. Dubbed PageFlip, the feature uses new UI elements and tricks to make it easier to flip through a series of pages. Think of it as a digital way to simulate thumbing through the pages of a book.
  9. Android News

    Amazon announces a new, entry-level Kindle, with a release date of July 7th

    Amazon has just launched a new, entry-level Kindle for the low price of $80. The new Kindle comes with a 6" anti-glare display and 4GB of storage.
  10. Android News

    Amazon's CEO says an “all-new, top of the line Kindle” is coming soon

    Amazon is known for their affordable Kindle readers but the company's CEO has just teased that a "top of the line" tablet is coming soon. Jeff Bezos didn't get any additional details just yet, but he did say we'll learn more about the device next week.
  11. Android News

    Select Amazon Kindles must apply an update if they want to stay connected to its services

    Amazon has started to push out an OTA update to older Kindle tablets that has been tagged as mandatory. If you don't apply the new OTA update to your older Amazon Kindle(from 2012 and older), then you will no longer be able to connect to Amazon's Kindle services.
  12. Android News

    The Amazon Echo Now Has the Ability to Read Your Kindle Books to You

    Amazon has pushed out an update to their Echo device with some new functionality. The Echo can now read a Kindle book you have on your account simply by saying the command "Alexa, read my [Kindle book]"