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  1. Android News

    Google brings AMP support to Gmail

    Google is expanding its AMP framework to work inside Gmail, so you can interact with websites directly from the emails you receive.
  2. Android News

    The “Stories” format is coming to Google search next

    Google is launching a developer preview of something it’s calling “AMP Stories." Beginning today, it will begin testing a Stories format that will appear in Google search — but only if you go looking for it. Search for a publication like People, CNN, or SBNation and you might get served a...
  3. Android News

    Google will remove its name from AMP URLs

    Google's fast-loading, data-saving AMP sites help you load websites fast, but they come with an undesirable side effect for publishers: a Google URL as a prefix. That will change, as Google has figured out a way to serve AMP pages to the original URL.
  4. Android News

    Google is tightening its AMP restrictions to prevent bait and switch content

    Google is tightening its grip on AMP content and says websites must now offer AMP articles that are similar in parity to their official page. This will prevent bait and switch articles that are taking advantage of the AMP platform.
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    Google renames AMP to Instant

    Google is renaming AMP to Instant. AMP is the mobile technology that allows you to load pages almost instantly on mobile connections.
  6. Android News

    Google is building subscription tools into AMP

    Google is working on a way to allow readers to subscribe to news outlets inside of its ecosystem of Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP allows publishers to drastically reduce load times of their web pages.
  7. Android News

    Lyft announces Amp, an in-car communication device for the deaf and hearing impaired

    Lyft drivers are normally used to hearing an audible ping sound to let them know when potential customers are available. However, those who are deaf and hearing impaired often miss out on this so the company just announced a new product called Amp that will sit on the driver's dashboard.
  8. Android News

    When viewing an AMP website, users can now share the original URL of an article

    Google just released a new blog post to detail some changes that are going into the way URLs are display on an AMP website. The biggest change here is the ability for the user to share the actual URL of the article, instead of only having access to the AMP version of the URL.
  9. Android News

    Google+ on mobile browsers now supports AMP links

    The Google+ web client has been updated to support AMP links which allow for faster load times for web pages, even on slow connections.
  10. Android News

    Microsoft will soon show AMP pages in Bing results

    Microsoft is joining the AMP -- or accelerated mobile pages -- effort in full force. The Bing app for Android and iOS will soon show AMP results where supported. AMP pages present content with minimal rich elements and result in pages loading 80% faster.
  11. Android News

    Google offiically announces AMP optimized mobile search results for all websites

    At the start of last month, it was reported by Recode that Google would be expanding their AMP search results from just news, to all results. Google has now officially started rolling this change out, and mobile users should gradually start to see more AMP icons (lightning bolts) appear next to...
  12. Android News

    Google is expanding AMP beyond news sites and will be included in all mobile search results

    When Google introduced the AMP project, it was first only available to news sites via a sliding carousel. This is changing and Google will now start to indicate whether or not any search result is AMP compatible via a lightning bolt.
  13. Android News

    Google brings its Accelerated Mobile Pages project to Google News

    Just a couple of months ago we saw Google launch AMP and start featuring publishers who participate in Google's own search results. The company is taking this a step further today by announcing AMP is coming to Google News. Google News users can start looking forward to an AMP carousel filled...
  14. E

    Reports say Google is getting ready to launch AMP on February 24th

    In December, Google themselves told the world they would be launching their Accelerated Mobile Page initiative sometime in February. Since then, they've been mostly quiet except for an announcement about ads being ready for its launch. Now, Ad Age is reporting that "several sources familiar...