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  1. Imranseo41

    Troubleshooting- Images Not Displaying Properly on Android phones.

    Hey there, I've been facing an issue with my website where specific images from my posts aren't loading correctly when accessed through Android mobiles, while they are showing perfectly on computers. It's been a bit perplexing, and I don't know what is causing this problem. I've tried a few...
  2. D

    Newbie ~ Ecommerce App

    Hello I am a newbie. I am trying to build a Ecommerce App on Android ( and I am completely new to app & android). How do I go about doing this? Please help. Thanks
  3. b logo identification andriod

    b logo identification andriod

  4. Mobile App Development Company

    Mobile App Development Company

    We are an intuitive and user-centric Mobile app development company catering to your requirements. We design & develop excellent Android & iOS mobile apps.
  5. M

    Android missing from tools in Android Studio

    Hello everyone, I'm new to all of this but, learning quickly. I just downloaded Android studio and it is missing the "Android in the tools" not sure what is going on I have tried numerous ideas that I have seen on Google by searching it out and everything that I have tried just failed...
  6. Taqras

    Accessing media files in arbitrary directories on external storage

    I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to Android development, and need a little guidance. Media Files access is listed on Google Support as an invalid use case, that won't be allowed to have MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. Instead, one should use the MediaStore API. This seems to provide...
  7. Thomas Thorton

    Autoscaling Linearlayout and TextView

    Is there a way to auto-scale Linearlayout when TextView is too big? Like Facebook posts. When text or image is to large the layout is getting higher. I tried to do it via xml file but I didn't make it. Any suggestions?
  8. W

    Developing a Personal Budgeting App Using Android Studio & Firebase |Tutorials for beginners

    An android development tutorial for beginners, to help you become an android developer by creating simple apps and working your way up. SOURCE CODE PROVIDED! What you will learn. XML - using xml to create beautiful UIs that offer excellent user experience. Java programming language. Firebase...
  9. khalen

    Help I need Help 5 five-star ratings for my game

    You guys I need Help 5 five-star ratings for my game Bounce Ball 7 My Game Bounce Ball 7 : :thumbsupdroid: Download Google play : https://cutt.us/CHeZj Thank you guys :eek:
  10. Livis

    Help android device recent app button not working

    Hi guy's, suddenly i have a problem in my mobile my android device recent app button not working when i connect it to charger it works than after some time spend the recent app button again not working. How to i will fix it.