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android 6

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    Help Android with real keyboard - Keyboard Layout/Buttons?

    Hey there, I am using a Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F) from Samsung and Android 6.0.1. I use it with different keyboards (mostly Microsoft keyboards, wired/wireless with the USB Connector) and wanted to know more about the keyboard layout or which button on the keyboard does what on the actual phone...
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    Help How much storage is required for Android 6 update?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to update my HTC Desire 820 to Android 6 but whatever I do, I always get the message about insufficient storage being available. I deleted virtually every app, photos, videos, I cleaned the cache and core app updates. I'm left with 5.4 GB of free space and have no idea...
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    Help "XXX" has stopped unexpectedly...

    Hi, My phone has been having some serious issues with software recently. I got my phone flashed twice by HTC service center to fix these software issues, but they keep coming back. Basically, my phone's core apps stop working and I keep getting "XXX" has stopped unexpectedly... errors. Last time...
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    Help How can I copy the old sd files to the new sd card?

    I have a Moto G3 and just got a larger and faster sd card for it. I had a lot of files and apps on the old sd-card, which is configured as internal storage (android 6.x). I copied al the files to my hd of my pc, but when I wanted to put it on the new sd-card that is formatted in my phone as...
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    Help Moto G has been acting weird since it randomly restarted

    So I was using my Moto G 2nd generation to browse the web one day and it just randomly restarted. When it was fully booted up it acted really abnormal. My brightness was set to auto (it wasn't before), there was no lock pattern even though it said there was in the settings, I couldn't pull down...
  6. Android News

    Motorola India releases Moto G 2014 Marshmallow update

    The 3G and LTE-enabled Moto G (2014) in India is now being updated to Android 6.0. The update includes Doze, Google Now on Tap, a new app permissions mod, and adaptive storage.
  7. Android News

    Sony confirms Xperia M4 Aqua will skip Lollipop and be updated directly to Marshmallow

    Sony revealed on Twitter that it is planning to update the Xperia M4 Aqua to Android Marshmallow, skipping Lollipop in the process. No information has been shared regarding when that would happen, but it will probably get the Marshmallow update sometime in late spring or early summer.