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android collectibles

  1. Android News

    Dead Zebra releases Android Mini special edition for Year of the Dog

    Dead Zebra has released a special edition Android Mini figurine for the Year of the Dog celebration. The collectible is read featuring white patterns. The collectible is likely to cost $10 when it goes on sale February 7 at 11am EST.
  2. Android News

    'Ginger Gene' Android figure from Dead Zebra will be released tomorrow

    The latest Android figure from Dead Zebra is the Ginger Gene figurine. The figurine takes on the form of a gingerbread man, and even has a sweet cookie smell, to boot. It will be available starting November 27th at 11am Eastern, and orders ship being December 1st.
  3. Android News

    Special Edition "Webcrawler" Android Mini figurine revealed

    Dead Zebra's latest Android collectible is a special edition Webcrawler figurine. It's an Android robot with 8 legs and will be available October 23rd.
  4. O

    Year of the Rooster Dead Zebra collectible now available

    Dead Zebra has announced their latest special edition Android collectible. It celebrates the Lunar New Year's Year of the Rooster. The figurine takes on a golden look and features decorative markings of a rooster on the front, as well as ships in a gold foil stamped box. They cost $10 each.
  5. Android News

    Best Gifts for Android Lovers

    Florence from Android Central has compiled a list of all the best Android collectibles and includes an Android figurine, an Android speaker, and other items.
  6. admyrick

    Dead Zebra announces a new "For Science" series of Android Mini collectibles

    Andrew Bell and Dead Zebra Inc. have announced a new series of Android Mini collectibles under the "For Science" name. The set will include George Washington Carver, Rosalind Franklin, and Charles Darwin, and is priced at $30.
  7. O

    You can now buy the Dead Zebra Bear Awareness Android collectible

    Dead Zebra is now selling the Bear Awareness Android figurine for $15. The figurine features a bear-like Android robot. It comes with a real patch to sew onto your clothes and a smaller Android figurine keychain dressed in ranger or scouting clothes.
  8. Android News

    Dead Zebra introduces wooden Android figurines

    Dead Zebra has revealed a collection of Wooden Android figurines. These figurines were in the works for almost 4 years, with some Googlers having received some over that time. The figurines will be available to collectors and fans starting at the San Diego Comic-Con.
  9. Android News

    Dead Zebra reveals Limited Edition Bear Awareness Android collectible

    Dead Zebra's latest Android collectible has been revealed. It's a limited edition Bear Awareness collectible that helps make you aware of the need to stay safe around bears during summer camping trips. Launching late July, the collectible will include a mini scout keychain, as well as a Bear...
  10. GamerCore

    This weekend: Jamba Juice is giving away free Android mini collectibles when using Android Pay

    This weekend only, Jamba Juice is partnering up with Google to give away free Android Mini Collectible with any Android Pay purchase.