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android experiments

  1. Android News

    Google reveals more Android Experiments

    Google has unveiled a handful of new Android Experiments projects ahead of Google IO. These projects showcase the cool things you can do with the power of Android. Projects include a home screen arcade, an animal detection device, and more.
  2. Android News

    This Android Experiment prevents you from using your smartphone during meals

    Some families have trouble keeping members off their phone during meal time, and this experiment is here to help. When a button is pressed, connected phones will immediately lock and cannot be used until the button is pressed again.
  3. Android News

    Paper Planes is Google's latest Android Experiment

    Google has released its latest Android Experiment called Paper Planes. First shown off at Google I/O 2016, the application turns your device into a Paper Plane and is intended to bring people together for International Day of Peace.
  4. Android News

    Google showcases Android Experiments apps which won developers trips to IO

    In March, Google started the annual Android Experiments contest, a developer challenge which call for the most interesting and unique apps that can be made for Android devices. Google announced those winners. This year's prize for the top 3 developer apps were awarded with a full trip to Google...
  5. Android News

    Google announces the Android Experiments I/O Challenge

    Google has been encouraging developers to create unique open source apps on Android for a while now with its Android Experiments project. Today, the company has announced the Android Experiments I/O Challenge. Submit your Android Experiment between now and April 13th and you could win a free...
  6. Android News

    Google showcases Ioio Plotter as an Android Experiment at MWC 2016

    At MWC this year, Google was there to show off an open source Android project from Ytai Ben-Tsvi. The project is called Ioio Plotter, and it comes with an application that connects to a device that controls a marker on a piece of drawing paper. The Android device will take your photo and then...
  7. Android News

    Tilt, the augmented reality game for Android Wear, gets featured on Android Experiments

    Tilt was an AR game that was released a few months ago but it has now been open sourced and featured in Google's Android Experiments page. The game uses your Android Wear smartwatch to create an AR platform where you tilt and pivot your wrist to play a game similar to the classic steel ball in...
  8. Android News

    Step-Counting Live Wallpaper Utilizes the Google Fit API

    Drippler just released their step-counting live wallpaper as open source and have submitted it to the Android Experiments repository.