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android instant apps

  1. Android News

    Android Instant Apps now work on over 500 million devices

    Google says Android Instant Apps is now available on more than 500 million devices.
  2. Android News

    How To: Opt-in and use Android Instant Apps

    A new tutorial from TechnoGeek shows you how to turn on Android Instant Apps if its rolling out to your Android device.
  3. Android News

    Google begins live testing for Android Instant Apps

    Google has announced that Android Instant Apps are now being tested live, meaning users may start to see options to use Android apps instantly when an appropriate search result would call for it. Google says a limited amount of users will see the functionality for apps like BuzzFeed, Wish...
  4. Android News

    Google gives more details on how Android Instant Apps will work

    We've known that Google have been experimenting with ways to let people try out apps and games on their mobile device without needing to install them. Today, we learned that this project is called Android Instant Apps and we got a demo of how this will work thanks to a partnership with Buzzfeed...