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android messages

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    Android Messages v3.1 shows signs of web interface

  2. Android News

    Android Messages v2.9 prepares to launch Allo-like web interface

    A new version of Android Messages is rolling out and a teardown reveals it will soon support an Allo-like web interface for managing your messages.
  3. Android News

    Project Fi gets smart replies via the Android Messages app

    Google's smart replies have shown up in a few apps including Inbox (the original), Gmail, and Allo. Now, this handy feature has arrived in the Android Messages app. However, it's not for everyone. This is a feature for Project Fi subscribers only.
  4. Android News

    Huawei to integrate Android Messages across their Android smartphone portfolio

    Over the coming months, Huawei will make it even easier for hundreds of millions of people to express themselves via mobile messaging by integrating Android Messages, powered by RCS, across their Android smartphone portfolio, Google has announced. Huawei will partner with carriers in their key...
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    Smart replies coming to Android Messages soon

    Screenshots of smart replies in the Android Messages UI have surfaced online, suggesting that Google is working on bringing the feature to SMS users on Android.
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    Android Messages SMS notifications have been broken with the latest update

    The latest update to version 2.5.207 of Android Messages seems to have broken one essential feature for a messenger app: notifications.
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    The latest update to Android Messages removes the FAB for new conversations

    The latest update to Android Messages removes the floating action button for new conversations, while preparing to allow for users to easily exchange money with contacts.
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    Android Messages v2.3 update arrives with "Mark as Read" button in notifications

    Android Messages v2.3 has rolled out to all devices. This version was originally included in Android O Dev Preview 3 and had a new feature that let you mark a message as read in the notification pane.
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    Latest Android Messages update lets you add people mid-chat

    Normally to start a group chat, you need to add all of the people from the start. However, the latest update to Android Messages will let you add additional people in the middle of the conversation.
  10. Android News

    Google renames its default messaging up to "Android Messages"

    Google has renamed its default messaging app to "Android Messages" as the company prepares to go all-in with RCS messaging.