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android n developer preview 3

  1. Android News

    Exposure settings return to the Camera app in Android N

    Google is bringing exposure controls back to the Camera app in Android N. The controls allow you to step exposure up or down by 2 levels.
  2. Android News

    Android N Preview 3 makes unpinning apps less confusing

    A new change in Android N Preview 3 improves the app pinning feature. The improvement actually comes when you unpin the app. Previously, the shortcut to unpin an app required a combo of pressing the back and recent apps buttons, and also required a long press of the back button if you had...
  3. Android News

    You can view Chrome windows side by side in the latest Android N developer preview

    New features are being discovered in Android N Developer Preview 3 that weren't announced during Google I/O 2016, and the latest is the ability to allow side-by-side windows when using Chrome.
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    Check out Android N in all its glory in slow-motion

    A YouTuber has taken the 3rd Developer Preview of Android N, and navigated through it in slow-motion to show everyone just how beautiful the animations are.
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    Android Pay now works on Android N Dev Preview 3

    Android Pay wasn't working on Android N Developer Preview because Google hadn't yet implemented the Compatibility Test Suite that it relied on. Thankfully it seems they've added it in Android N Dev Preview 3, so you should, once again, be able to use Android Pay.
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    Android N's Multi-Locale feature lets you select a number of different languages

    Android N is getting a lot of new features that many people will like. However, depending on where you live and what language you speak, the Multi-Locale feature could be the most important one to you. This feature is present in the 3rd developer preview of Android N and it will let you select...
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    Google Keyboard in Android N's latest developer preview has a theme feature

    Google has rolled out OTA updates for the Android N Developer Preview and it's already started hitting devices around the world. Someone started playing with the Google Keyboard settings and discovered that you can now theme the keyboard with different color templates, or even add in your own...
  8. Android News

    Google publishes release notes for the new developer preview of Android N

    At Google I/O 2016, we learned about a lot of new features that were headed to Android N. We also learned that the 3rd developer preview, which is now considered to be a beta, has already started rolling out to supported devices. Now, Google has published the official release notes that details...
  9. Android News

    Android N Developer Preview 3 (the first beta release), has started to roll out to enrolled devices

    Yesterday, we saw that Google had started to call the 3rd developer preview of Android N a beta build. It's now been confirmed that this update is ready to be pushed out and you should be seeing the OTA update soon (assuming your device is enrolled in the Android Beta Program).