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android n developer preview 4

  1. Android News

    Developer changelog is now available for Android N Developer Preview 4

    With each new version of the Android developer preview, we get a full developer changelog of what changed from the previous version. Today, the Android N Developer Preview 4 changelogs are available, but they probably won't make sense unless you're a developer.
  2. Android News

    You can test Google's Daydream VR with an Android N easter egg

    Google left a VR painting app hidden in Android N. It gives us our first test of a Daydream VR app before the feature officially arrives. You can try it out on your Nexus phone as long as you have the latest Android N Developer Preview.
  3. Android News

    Google improves the direct reply feature of Messenger in its latest update

    Android N is introducing a new direct reply feature that will happen within the notification card. Previously, Messenger just allowed you to reply to a message from here and that was it. But thanks to the latest update (included in Android N Dev Preview 4), they've added a 'conversation view'...
  4. Android News

    Google will revert quick toggle behavior in Android N

    Last week, Android N Dev Preview 4 was launched. One of the least popular changes was the way WiFi and Bluetooth quick settings toggles behave. The new toggles opened a full menu to manage WiFi and Bluetooth settings instead of simply toggling the radios on or off. After a series of complaints...
  5. Android News

    Android N's quick settings tiles now expand to show more details in the latest developer preview

    In previous Android N developer previews, tapping on the WiFi quick settings tile would toggle the feature on and off. This is no longer the case in the Android N Developer Preview 4, where instead, tapping on the WiFi tile will reveal the other WiFi networks in your area.
  6. Android News

    Google removes the calculator quick settings tile in Android N Developer Preview 4

    In the second Android N developer preview, Google added a Quick Settings tile for the calculator. This was great for those who needed quick access to the app, but it seems to be missing from the latest Android N developer preview.
  7. Android News

    Android N will support custom mouse pointers

    Documents from the Android N Preview 4 reveal a new API. The API allows developers to customize the mouse pointers, including the shape and size of the pointer, as well as the ability to change its look based on which field you're hovering over.
  8. Android News

    Android N seemingly confirmed as Android 7.0 thanks to demo mode on the Developer Preview 4

    At Google I/O this year, the screenshots we saw of Android N were all showing 7:00 as the time. Google has a history of using the time as an indicator to tell us what version the next Android update will be. With the Android N Developer Preview 4, we can see that demo mode sets your time to 7:00.
  9. Android News

    Android N Developer Preview 4 easter egg is branded with Namey McNameface text

    With the Android N Developer Preview 4 available to download and install, people are starting to look into what has changed from preview 3. One thing that has caught people's eye is the new name branding on the Android N easter egg. Instead of just showing the N that we had before, this N has...
  10. Android News

    Android N Developer Preview 4 is now rolling out

    Google has release Android N Developer Preview 4. It's showing up as build NPD56N for most devices. Google also notes that this release will see the finalization of APIs in both Android N and Android Studio 2.1.2.