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android n developer preview

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    Google brings Android's Recents feature to Android TV with Android N

    If you're rocking the Android N developer preview on the Nexus Player, then you now have access to Android's Recents feature. All you have to do is hold down the Home button on the remote, and you'll see a row of your recently opened apps so you can quickly switch back and forth between them.
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    Google Messenger 1.9 restores Android Wear functionality on Android Nougat

    For some reason, the Google Messenger app excluded Android Wear functionality in Android Nougat developer previews. Thankfully it seems Google is about to fix this as version 1.9 has leaked and it restores functionality. There are no other known changes.
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    Android N Dev Preview 5 may have removed the ability to reply to notifications on the lock screen

    Android N Dev Preview 5 made a few minor changes, however not all have been good. One change that seems to have been made was the removal of the ability to use quick reply from the phone's lock screen, as the option to toggle the feature on or off is no longer available.
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    Google Camera 4.1 lets you change the behavior of the volume button

    Android N Dev Preview 5 seems to have brought an updated Google Camera app. It's version 4.1, and the biggest change alongside some aesthetic improvements is the ability to specify what the volume button does. You can set it as the shutter, a button to zoom the camera, or retain its use as a...
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    Android N Developer Preview 5 tells you if an app was installed via the Play Store or not

    Now that the Android Developer Preview 5 is available to those who are on the beta program, people are starting to see some new changes that were not present in the previous builds. For example, if you check out the app info page, there's a section now that will tell you if the application was...
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    The easter egg in the 5th Android N developer preview is a game where you catch cats

    Every new Android N developer preview update has made people curious to see if Google added in the easter egg or not. It seems Droid Life figured it out first as it is a game that can be compared to Pokemon GO. No, you're not running around catching cats, but you do leave treats for cats within...
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    Final Android Nougat Developer Preview is out

    Google has announced Android N Developer Preview 5. This final preview doesn't add much as Google had already finalized APIs in the previous version. As such, the update mostly brings fixes to lingering bugs, last minute UI behavior changes, and system image files to easily restore devices.
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    You can test Google's Daydream VR with an Android N easter egg

    Google left a VR painting app hidden in Android N. It gives us our first test of a Daydream VR app before the feature officially arrives. You can try it out on your Nexus phone as long as you have the latest Android N Developer Preview.
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    Google will revert quick toggle behavior in Android N

    Last week, Android N Dev Preview 4 was launched. One of the least popular changes was the way WiFi and Bluetooth quick settings toggles behave. The new toggles opened a full menu to manage WiFi and Bluetooth settings instead of simply toggling the radios on or off. After a series of complaints...
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    Android N will support custom mouse pointers

    Documents from the Android N Preview 4 reveal a new API. The API allows developers to customize the mouse pointers, including the shape and size of the pointer, as well as the ability to change its look based on which field you're hovering over.
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    Android N Developer Preview 4 is now rolling out

    Google has release Android N Developer Preview 4. It's showing up as build NPD56N for most devices. Google also notes that this release will see the finalization of APIs in both Android N and Android Studio 2.1.2.
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    These 2 emojis weren't approved for Unicode 9, but are already in Android N

    Last week, we learned that 72 of the 74 proposed emoji candidates were approved for Unicode 9.0 and the two that were left out were the modern pentathlon and rifle ones. Interestingly enough, Google had already implemented those candidates in the Android N developer preview. Also, since these...
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    Developer Mode setting in Android N will let you increase the DPI even further than before

    In the Android N Developer Preview, we have a feature that will let you adjust the DPI of the display simply by using a slider. The thing is, this slider has a certain limit for the max and minimum but there's a way to change this. All you have to do is enable Developer Mode, go into the...
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    Google adds a battery quick settings tile to the Android N Developer Preview 3

    If you were one of the people who swiped down the quick settings panel to look at the exact battery life percentage, then you probably noticed this was missing in the Android N Developer Preview. With the latest dev preview, Google has actually created a battery tile for the Quick Settings...
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    Google updates the APK installer UI in Android N Developer Preview 3

    Android's APK installer UI got a nice little refresh when Google switched to Material Design but it seems like they're working on changing it a little more. In the Android N Developer Preview 3, Google has shifted the done/open buttons to the bottom right of the screen and they've also lowered...
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    Exposure settings return to the Camera app in Android N

    Google is bringing exposure controls back to the Camera app in Android N. The controls allow you to step exposure up or down by 2 levels.
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    Android N Preview 3 makes unpinning apps less confusing

    A new change in Android N Preview 3 improves the app pinning feature. The improvement actually comes when you unpin the app. Previously, the shortcut to unpin an app required a combo of pressing the back and recent apps buttons, and also required a long press of the back button if you had...
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    Google seems to be working on a new OS update animation for Android N

    Android's OS update animation, showing the little Android figure with his front open, hasn't been updated in ages but Google seems to be changing that with Android N. Some people are still seeing the old animation while others are seeing a new one. In both cases though, this new swirl type...
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    Google adds 2 developer Quick Settings tiles in Android N, and night mode is still there

    In the latest Developer Preview build of Android N, many noticed that dark theme and night mode were no longer there. However, the night mode Quick Settings tile is still there and long pressing it will make the option appear in the System UI Tuner. Also, Google has added two different Quick...
  20. Android News

    Google says current generation Nexus devices will not get Android N's seamless update feature

    One of the interesting features coming in Android N is the ability for the OS to apply seamless updates to the device in the background and without user interaction. However, Google has confirmed that doing this with current Nexus devices would require the device be hooked up to the PC (because...
  21. Android News

    Thanks to VR, Android's Daydream feature is now called Screen Saver in Android N

    It is interesting that Google decided to call their new VR platform the same name that they have been using for a feature since Jelly Bean. So to compensate for this change, the old Daydream feature has now been renamed to Screen Saver in the latest Android N Developer Preview.
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    You can move a Chrome tab to another window in Android N Developer Preview 3

    Google is adding a number of tools to make multi-window more useful in Android N and a Redditor just discovered a new feature in Chrome. When you have the split screen mode active, and have a Chrome tab open on one, you can tap the overflow button and move that tab to the other window.
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    Cardboard apps seem to perform better with the 3rd Android N Developer Preview

    A user in the /r/Android subreddit says they tried out a few Google Cardboard applications with the latest Android N Developer Preview and the difference is "night and day." Sadly, they don't go on to explain what really changes, but we know Google is working hard to improve the VR experience...
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    Android Pay now works on Android N Dev Preview 3

    Android Pay wasn't working on Android N Developer Preview because Google hadn't yet implemented the Compatibility Test Suite that it relied on. Thankfully it seems they've added it in Android N Dev Preview 3, so you should, once again, be able to use Android Pay.
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    Dark Mode disappears with latest Android N preview

    Google has been playing around with Dark Mode since the before Android Marshmallow was released, but there's still no clear indication that the feature will ever officially see the light of day. While Dark Mode was been present is the first few builds of the Android N developer preview, it is...