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    Huawei-made Nexus tablet was cancelled and it's a good thing

    9to5Google is reporting that last year's Andromeda tablet rumors were accurate, but Google has decided to shelf the project. That's a good thing, since Huawei-made Nexus 6P has had so many problems that Google is replacing them with Pixel XL devices.
  2. Android News

    Two references to Andromeda have been discovered in some old AOSP commits

    While it is believed now that Andromeda will not be released anymore, some people have discovered a couple of commits to the AOSP codebase that references this OS. The one from 2015 talks about how the OS would organize apps in a dock, while the one from 2016 talks about its interaction with the...
  3. Android News

    More Andromeda rumors talk about dev kits, notification syncing, and more

    9to5Google spoke today about some new rumors surrounding the fabled Andromeda OS. They're told that two major OEMs are already working on Andromeda dev kits, and say the first set of devices are scheduled for Q3/Q4 2017. The tipster says Andromeda is being merged with Android 8.0, but then tell...
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    This Andromeda Box launched in 2015, and it runs Google's Brillo OS

    There's been a lot of talk about an unannounced operating system from Google with the codename Andromeda. Interestingly enough, Marvell released an IoT platform called the Andromeda Box that ran Google's Brillo operating system.
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    Rumor claims there should be a dev preview of Andromeda before December

    Stephen from 9to5Google has a source who is telling him that Google might talk about an Andromeda dev kit at the October 4th launch event. He also mentions that we should have some sort of developer preview available in November.
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    What Andromeda OS means for Android & Chromebooks

    With the rumors that Google is planning something for its October 4th event, WonderHowTo takes a look at how a merger between Chrome OS and Android could be a good thing for several ecosystems.
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    Evan Blass suggests Google's October 4th event will include Andromeda

    While most rumors from Evan Blass usually include confident statements regarding specs or device launch dates, his Tweet about Google's October event appears to be more speculation than anything. "Gotta be Andromeda" Blass' Tweet quotes Hiroshi Lockheimer's Tweet from a few days ago which...
  8. Android News

    Google plans to launch Andromeda on a Nexus Huawei tablet and Pixel laptop

    Earlier this morning Android Police revealed that Google plans on releasing a new Pixel laptop featuring Andromeda, a hybrid between Android and Chrome OS. Now 9to5Google is reporting that they'll also debut Andromeda on a new Nexus tablet that's being produced by Huawei.
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    Google planning new Pixel 3 laptop with Andromeda OS

    According to a new report from Android Police, Google is rumored to introduce a new Pixel laptop at its October 4th event. The project is internally known as Bison and the informal nickname Pixel 3. It will be the first device that will run Android and Chrome OS as a hybrid, known as Andromeda.
  10. Android News

    Google testing Android/Chrome hybrid OS for the Nexus 9

    Yesterday Google teased that its October 4th event would be a big one to remember, which led many to speculate that it will be showing off its Android/Chrome hybrid OS dubbed "Andromeda." According to an anonymous source, Google is testing early builds of Andromeda on the HTC Nexus 9. The...
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    The merging of Android Chrome OS (aka 'Andromeda') may be announced on October 4th

    With a senior Android VP claiming that Google's announcement on October 4th will be as memorable as the initial unveiling of Android was 8 years ago, some are speculating that Google may finally be ready to take the wraps off of "Andromeda" - the merging of Android and Chrome OS. The WSJ...