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andy rubin

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    Android was originally destined for cameras

    In an interview, Andy Rubin has revealed that his company originally started creating Android as a camera OS. It wasn't until later they refocused it to be a phone OS.
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    Andy Rubin has returned to Essential

    After two weeks leave of absence amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship, Andy Rubin has returned to Essential.
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    Andy Rubin returns to Essential

    Andy Rubin has returned to Essential. He took a leave of absence following a rumor that broke out about an alleged inappropriate relationship he had at Google.
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    Essential re-affirms support for the Essential PH-1 after Rubin's departure

    After a story today about Andy Rubin taking a leave of absence from the company, Essential confirmed in today's AMA on reddit that the company remains committed to issuing updates to the Essential PH-1.
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    Andy Rubin reportedly left Google after ‘inappropriate’ relationship, excuses self from Essential

    Android co-founder Andy Rubin left Google in 2014 on his own accord -- at least that's what the former Google exec said upon his departure. But, a new report claims that the exit was due to an inappropriate relationship, the details of which were not shared. Andy Rubin has also reportedly taken...
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    Essential getting sued over wireless connector tech

    Nest co-founder Tony Fadell has filed a lawsuit against Andy Rubin's Essential phone, saying that it was in talks for 10 months to help Essential with its planned family of accessories, but the talks ended without an agreement. The lawsuit accuses Essential of trade secret theft.
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    Andy Rubin doing another AMA on Reddit

    Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android and the creator of the Essential Phone, is doing an AMA on reddit to answer your questions about the new device and anything Android releated.
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    Every customer who got the Essential email will get a free phone

    Andy Rubin didn't mention it in his apologetic blog post due to tact, but Essential will be giving a free phone to those whose information were compromised in a phishing attack. This goes along with two years of LifeLock identity protection.
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    Andy Rubin issues apology for Essential's customer data request

    Earlier today, Essential sent an email to its pre-order customers asking them to provide their driver's license number to verify their address. Now, Andy Rubin has apologized for this.
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    Andy Rubin teases the upcoming accessories for the Essential Phone

    In an interview with Bloomberg, Rubin said the first accessory allows for high-quality audio to be wirelessly sent from the Essential Phone to your car stereo. The second gadget is what Rubin calls the “world’s smallest 3D laser scanner.”
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    Essential showcases camera in new blog post

    After a series of delays, Andy Rubin's Essential phone now has a new blog post detailing how the phone's camera will be able to capture superior photographs.
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    Andy Rubin's Quest to Create an OS for Everything

    Andy Rubin is currently working on the Essential phone, but he's worked hard to try and make an OS that is good for everything.
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    Essential Phone hasn't started shipping yet

    Andy Rubin's Essential phone was announced last month and was slated to begin shipping within 30 days. So far, 36 days have passed and there's still no word on when we'll see the phone available.
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    Andy Rubin's Playground Ventures announces a new 360-degree camera for $799

    A new 360-degree camera has been announced and is called the Meeting Owl. This camera is priced at $799 and is a standalone video conferencing solution.
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    Andy Rubin's Essential phone startup valued at close to $1B

    Despite not even delivering a handset into consumers hands yet, Bloomberg is reporting that Essential has managed to find funding close to $900 million dollars. The report with the information was filed shortly before Rubin revealed the Essential phone to the public.
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    Some wonder if we would care about the Essential Phone if it wasn't from Andy Rubin

    There's been a lot of hype surrounding the new Essential Phone from the creator of Android. However, XDA has an opinion piece up right now that asks if there would be as much hype of Andy Rubin wasn't behind the project.
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    Andy Rubin hints that Essential Phone should ship within a month

    Speaking to Walt Mossberg, Andy Rubin said his company wouldn't want to take interest sign-ups for their phone if they weren't ready to ship within 30 days. This is a hint that the device may ship by the end of June.
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    You can watch Walt Mossberg interview Andy Rubin tonight at 9PM ET

    Walt Mossberg will be at the Code Conference today and he'll be interviewing Andy Rubin at 9PM eastern time. The two will likely be talking about the newly announced Essential Phone at the event.
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    Essential Home is an Amazon Echo competitor

    Andy Rubin's company Essential had a second device to announce today. It's called Essential Home, an Amazon Echo and Google Home competitor. It runs the company's own Ambient OS, a home hub platform that makes it easy to do anything you need.
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    Andy Rubin's Essential phone officially announced

    The Godfather of Android Andy Rubin has officially revealed his company's Essential Phone. It's an Android Nougat flagship featuring dual cameras, a Snapdragon 835, and 4GB of RAM. Its standout feature is a modular system for attaching accessories, with one of the first being a 360-degree camera.
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    Essential smartphone teased in a silhouette photo

    Earlier we learned that the Essential phone will be unveiled on May 30th, but now the official Twitter account has teased a silhouette image of the phone in someone's hand.
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    Backed by Andy Rubin, Lighthouse is a personal assistant with a camera, mic and speaker

    There's a new home personal assistant on the market and this one is called Lighthouse. The company had funding from Andy Rubin's Playground Studios and its camera can actually identify people and pets.
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    It looks like Andy Rubin's Essential smartphone has been spotted on GFXBench

    A smartphone with the model number FIH-PM1 has appeared on GFXBench and is being reported as Andy Rubin's new Essential smartphone. If true, the device will have the Snapdragon 835 SoC, a 2560x1312 pixel display, 4GB of RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat installed on it.
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    Eric Schmidt calls Andy Rubin's Essential phone phenomenal

    While most people have turned their attention to the Galaxy S8, Eric Schmidt commented on Andy Rubin's new phone and calls it phenomenal.
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    Andy Rubin teases a phone with zero bezel

    Andy Rubin took to Twitter to tease a phone being made by the company he's forming. The teaser doesn't reveal much, but we do notice that it has a zero-bezel design with a rounded corner display.