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  1. Android News

    AIM is being shut down this year

    AOL has announced that AOL Instant Messenger -- known as AIM -- will be shutting down this year. The instant messaging service was one of the biggest in the rise of home internet.
  2. Android News

    Once the merger happens Verizon will rebrand Yahoo and AOL into Oath

    The names Yahoo and AOL have become rather tarnished over the years and Verizon plans to change things up once the deal with Yahoo is complete. So assuming everything goes through, the new name for these two entities will simply be Oath.
  3. Android News

    Aol starts to shut down third-party AIM apps

    AOL has notified users of its AIM messaging service that third-party apps will no longer be able to connect to the service starting March 28th.
  4. Android News

    Alto app adds Alexa and Slack integration

    AOL's email app Alto has gottensome new features today. The update adds integration for Slack and Alexa users. Slack integrations include support for pulling in files from galleries and attachments. For Alexa integration, it will use the info in your Alto inbox to serve up any information you...
  5. Android News

    AOL returns to mail with a new app called AOL

    AOL, yes that AOL, has just released a new email app for Android. No CDs included.