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    What happens to my data if I uninstall Google Phone App updates

    If I uninstall updates to my Google Phone app, what will happen to data like recent calls, contacts, visual voicemail, etc.? Thanks.
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    System MonCon: Updates

    v1.6.5_ap ☛ Compiled for Android Tiramisu with dependencies update. ☛ Some bug fixes and corrections as suggested.
  3. Android News

    Google Pay update reveals plans to include transit ticket purchases

    The new version doesn't appear to bring any visible changes beyond a few pixel-level adjustments, but it includes a couple of neat topics for a teardown
  4. Android News

    Pluto TV adds picture-in-picture for Oreo and more

    Free television streaming service Pluto TV updated its Android app to v3.5, adding Oreo picture-in-picture support, the ability to resume previously-watched On Demand content, and settings to configure the stream quality to conserve data.
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    Email auto-completion comes to the latest version of Gboard

    Gboard has been updated to version 7.0 and now includes email auto-complete, along with Chinese/Korean language support, and a new universal media search function for finding emoji, stickers, and GIFs.
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    Nest app updated with facial recognition improvements and more

    The Nest app has been updated and now merges duplicate familiar faces of the same person as well as featuring better "Activity Zone notifications" and more.
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    Google Play Books update brings support for audiobooks and Android Auto

    The latest version of Google Play Books has been released onto the Play Store, and it brings support for Audiobooks, which is expected to be launching in the coming days.
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    The latest Google Maps beta allows you to post reviews and comments to lists

    The latest Google Maps beta is now available on the Play Store and improves step-by-step notifications, as well as a preparing for a new location-sharing option, and more.
  9. Android News

    3DMark is updated to version 2.0 with support for the Vulkan API and more

    3DMark has been updated to version 2.0 on the Play Store and includes an overhauled UI, as well as Vulkan API support, and more.
  10. Android News

    Talon for Twitter now includes a redesigned timeline

    A new update is rolling out for Talon for Twitter which includes a completely redesigned timeline. The new layout shows tweets as individual cards and includes a load of new metadata.
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    The latest Reddit update brings more control to mobile users

    A new update is rolling out to the official Reddit application which now allows users to add flair to their posts, while also including more control for those who moderate specific subreddits.
  12. Android News

    Plex adds improved DVR and live TV capabilities on Android

    Android users of Plex will get some new DVR features to make it behave more like a real DVR you'd get from the cable company. You can now view content however you want while it's recording. You can pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV while it records. Furthermore, you only need one TV tuner...
  13. Android News

    Play Games v5.3 comes with a new look and three new mini-games

    Google Play Games has gotten a pretty significant redesign in its latest update. If that's not enough, Google has also hooked it up with 3 new mini games: Solitaire, PAC-MAN, and Cricket.
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    Google now shows the waiting times at your favorite restaurants

    Google now shows how long your wait time is expected to be when dining out. Information is available for over a million restaurants worldwide.
  15. Android News

    Pocket Casts updated with Oreo features

    Pocket Casts has received a nice update to version 6.4 with a bunch of Android Oreo 8.0 features. Newly supported features include picture-in-picture- adaptive icons, and notification channels. There is also a slew of bug fixes in tow.
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    Google Voice 5.5 adds billing history

    Google Voice picks up a billing history feature in its latest update. You'll get a detailed breakdown of how much your various calls and messages have cost you, as well as an overview of your balance.
  17. Android News

    Microsoft's redesigned Mixer mobile app helps you find new streams

    Microsoft just launched a beta update for their Mixer streaming app. The beta's biggest change is a redesign of the Trending section to help you find new streams.
  18. Android News

    WhatsApp beta 2.17.397 adds new emojis

    WhatsApp has released beta version 2.18.397. The update will bring the rest of the emojis that were missing from the latest emoji update. It should now be fully up to date with the latest emojis.
  19. Android News

    Uber's multi-destination feature launches

    Uber has launched its multi-destination feature. The feature lets you add up to 3 stops to your trip before you book it, so you can get a more accurate idea of your fare and make it easier on yourself and the driver.
  20. Android News

    Snapchat for Android now let's you send 60-second 'multi-snap' videos

    Before now, it's only been possible to record Snapchat videos of up to 10 seconds in length. A new update brings Multi-Snap, a way to record up to 60 continuous seconds of video and send it in one go.
  21. Android News

    Google Allo now includes a cropping tool for profile pictures

    Most apps will also give users an opportunity to crop the image down before locking it in, that way you don't have to break out a photo editor just to center yourself and cut out other people from the shot. Most people probably never noticed it, but this little convenience feature wasn't...
  22. Android News

    Authy adds fingerprint support

    Authy, a 2-factor authentication app, is being updated to add fingerprint support today. You can try it out now by downloading the latest beta version.
  23. Android News

    Find your friends faster with WhatsApp’s new live location sharing feature

    You can now share your live location in WhatsApp. To use Live Location, you open a chat with a person or group. Under “Location” in the attach button, tap “Share Live Location.” You can set a timer for how long you want to share your location, and everyone you’ve chosen to send your location to...
  24. Android News

    Google Play Music update brings an updated Android TV UI

    The latest update to Google Play Music brings a refreshed UI. It foregoes the eye-bleeding orange look for a black and white theme with orange accents.
  25. Android News

    DJI Android app update adds new features to the Mavic and Spark

    DJI released an update to their Android app that adds a couple of features to the two newest drones in the DJI Family, the Spark, and the Mavic. With the new software, both devices now have Dynamic Home Point updating. The feature, when enabled, "allows the aircraft to continuously update the...