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apple music

  1. Android News

    You can now access Apple Music inside Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger has had Spotify integration for a while now, but you can now access your Apple Music songs directly from Messenger.
  2. Android News

    Apple Music on Android gets updated with user profiles and more

    Apple updated its Apple Music app for Android with new social profiles that allow you to show your friends what you're listening to. The app also comes with support for OK Google voice commands.
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    Latest update to Apple Music for Android comes with a new user interface and more

    Apple is rolling out a new update to the Apple Music Android application that brings its version up to 2.0 and comes with the following changes. . . - An all-new design brings greater clarity and simplicity to Apple Music: - Now Playing. Read lyrics for songs as you listen. - Library...
  4. Android News

    Some of Prince's earlier albums are now available to stream via Spotify or Google Play Music

    A few of Prince's early albums are now available to stream via your favorite music streaming services. These include Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, and more.
  5. Android News

    Apple Music now has 10 million downloads on Android

    Apple Music has more than 10 million downloads on Android after being launched on the rival OS last year. It stayed in beta until last month, when Apple finally released a stable version. The service itself just turned a year old in June, with more than 15 million paid subscribers.
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    Should you switch from Spotify to Deezer? Probably not

    Deezer has recently launched its music streaming service in the US and Billy from Engadget looks at whether it's worth switching from something like Spotify or Apple Music. He suggests that while the library is fairly extensive, Deezer just doesn't hold up against the likes of Spotify.
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    Amazon looking into two different music subscription services for users

    Amazon is looking into building a new music subscription service to take on the likes of Apple and Spotify, while being priced at $10 a month. The company is also looking into another option that would only work with Amazon's Echo hardware, but would be priced at just $5 per month.
  8. Android News

    Apple Music is finally out of beta

    Apple has ditched the beta label for its Apple Music Android application and bumped the version number up to 1.0.0. Along with this update, we see that it also includes an equalizer setting and a number of "performance, playback, and stability improvements."
  9. Android News

    Adele's 25 album is now on Google Play Music, Spotify and more

    Adele has released her 25 album on Google Play Music, Spotify, Apple, and more music streaming services. The album was originally launched in December 2015, but was not available for streaming immediately.
  10. Android News

    Apple shows off a new look for their Apple Music, could hit Android in a future update

    Apple went on stage at WWDC this year and showed of a completely redesigned Apple Music application that will hit iPhones in a future update. While it hasn't been announced that this redesign will be pushed to Android just yet, it's presumed that it will sometime in the future.
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    Deal: 50% off Apple Music if you are a student

    Apple is hooking up students with a nice discount on one of their services. You can get Apple Music for 50% off if you're currently enrolled as a student. This brings the price down to $4.99 per month. Apple is partnering with UniDays to make sure those who take advantage are actually actively...
  12. Android News

    Apple Music for Android is updated to include music video support and a family membership option

    Apple is still working on their music service application for Android and today they pushed out a new update. Changes in this update include. . . - You can now enjoy thousands of music videos on Apple Music—view popular ones featured in New or search for the music videos from your favorite...
  13. Android News

    Kanye's Life of Pablo album is now available to stream on Google Play Music, Spotify and Apple Music

    Kanye West famously declared his latest studio album -- The Life of Pablo -- would never be available anywhere other than Tidal, the music service his business partner Jay Z is behind. Well, I guess he's a liar: it's available for listening on Google Play, Spotify and Apple Music right now. The...
  14. Android News

    Apple Music is updated to v0.9.7, comes with a widget, enhanced playlist management and more

    Apple just updated their Apple Music Android application to version 0.9.7. This update includes the following changes. . . - Now you can add songs from the Apple Music catalog to playlists without having to add it to your library. - Control playback with a widget you can add to your home...
  15. Android News

    Music streaming services compared, Apple Music vs Spotify vs Google Play Music All Access

    Joe of Android Authority takes a look at three big players in Android's online music streaming service. . .Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play Music All Access He feels Google Play Music All Access wins because it also gives you access to YouTube Red and this alone gives the user so much more...
  16. Android News

    Apple Music now has more than half the subscribers of Spotify

    Even though it was released less than a year ago, Apple Music has been climbing up the charts. In a recent podcast, Apple Exec Craig Federighi stated that Apple's streaming music service is now up to 11 million subscribers. For comparison sake, Spotify currently has approximately 20 million...
  17. Android News

    Apple Music gets official Sonos support tomorrow, February 10th

    Sonos has put out a press release to announce that Apple Music is finally getting support for their wireless products. Apple Music has been doing a beta test with this feature since the middle of December, but tomorrow it will receive an official and stable update.
  18. Android News

    You can now save songs to an SD card with Apple Music for Android

    iPhones do not have a microSD card slot so it's surprising to see an Android application from Apple utilizing this feature. However, Apple knows that people love to store music on their SD cards and in the latest update to Apple Music you can do exactly that.
  19. E

    Amazon reportedly has plans to launch a service to compete with Spotify

    The New York Post is citing "several sources" that claim Amazon is working on creating a service to rival other music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. The service will allegedly cost $9.99 per month, but this could be lowered to $3/$4 per month when bundled with the Amazon...
  20. Rob

    The Beatles collection finally available on 9 streaming music services

    Finally, fans of The Beatles will be able to stream their music starting at Midnight on Christmas Eve from 9 different streaming services including Google Play Music, Spotify, and Slacker.
  21. Android News

    The Beatles could launch on streaming services on Christmas Eve

    How's this for a Christmas present? Billboard reports that the Beatles will have their music catalog on popular streaming services on Christmas Eve. The Beatles were one of the biggest groups missing from the vast music catalogs controlled by the likes of Google, Spotify and Apple.
  22. Android News

    Apple Music Beta Update Brings Support for Sonos and iTunes Playlist Folders

    We recently saw an announcement that Sonos support was coming to Apple Play Music and this feature has just made it into the beta version of the application. Not only does the update to the beta come with Sonos support though, it also comes with support for iTunes Playlist Folders and various...
  23. Android News

    Upcoming Sonos Beta to Include Compatibility for Apple Music

    Apple Music was released for Android earlier this month and Sonos is already working on an update that will add compatibility for the music service. The update will come in the form of a beta at first, and you'll need to register for an invite to be allowed in the beta when it becomes available.
  24. Android News

    Adele's Upcoming Album, 25, Will Not be Allowed on Streaming Services

    Less than a day before the release of Adele's upcoming album, it has been reported that none of the songs will be made available on any streaming platform like Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, etc. However, customers will still be able to buy digital copies of the album and songs through online...
  25. Android News

    Android Police Reviews Apple Music for Android

    Apple Music is available in 111+ countries compared to Google Play Music's 60. I know I sound like a broken record, but 51 more countries isn't a difference to scoff at, especially when they include China and India. Beside availability, there's the matter of pricing. Apple isn't going by a...