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apple tv

  1. Android News

    YouTube TV won't come to Roku or Apple TV until 2018

    A YouTube representative has confirmed that YouTube TV won't be available on Roku or Apple TV until 2018.
  2. Android News

    Amazon will begin selling Chromecast and Apple TV

    After Google began blocking YouTube on Amazon Echo devices for their anti-competitive shopping practices, Amazon will begin selling the Chromecast and Apple TV again.
  3. Android News

    Roku now accounts for 37 percent of all streaming players

    Parks Associates reports the breakdown of the streaming box market, and Roku leads the pack (5)with 37% of the market, up from 33% at the beginning of 2016. Google, Amazon, and Apple make up the rest of the list, commanding around 20% each.
  4. Android News

    DoubleTwist reenables Apple TV streaming for Android devices

    Apple is notorious for their walled garden approach, so it came as no surprise when Apple attempted to change the Apple TV pairing process to disallow third-party apps and devices from streaming to it. Thankfully, DoubleTwist has updated their app to support the new pairing method, once again...
  5. Android News

    Aerial Dream is a port of Apple TV's "Aerial" screensavers, but in Daydream form

    A lot of people enjoy Apple TV's Aerial screensavers so someone ported all of those into a Daydream application. Now, you can have those exact same videos trigger on your smartphone, tablet or Android TV device.