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  1. Android News

    Report claims more people are using the Galaxy Note 7 than the LG V20 and OnePlus 3T combined

    Apteligent is about to release a report that claims the Galaxy Note 7 is still a highly used smartphone (even after the recall). If accurate, it seems there are more people using the Galaxy Note 7, than there are people who use the LG V20 and OnePlus 3T combined.
  2. Android News

    New report suggests Nougat is less stable than Marshmallow

    A new report from Apteligent suggests that Nougat is less stable than the previous version of Android, Marshmallow. Additionally, the report says Nougat has 2.5 more network-related crashes than iOS 10. Apteligent says Marshmallow was the most stable Android release it has monitored, while...
  3. Android News

    Report highlights how fast manufacturers rolled out Android Marshmallow

    Apteligent has released a report which shows which Android manufacturers updated their phones to Android Marshmallow the quickest. While Motorola was the first out of the gate with a Marshmallow update in the US, it looks like HTC was the first manufacturer to hit the 10%, 15% and 20% device...