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arrow launcher

  1. Android News

    Arrow Launcher becomes Microsoft Launcher

    Microsoft has rebranded Arrow Launcher to Microsoft Launcher to emphasize its place in Microsoft's family of software. The rebranding comes alongside an update that adds features like Continue on PC, a continuum-like feature which allows you to view photos and documents you're looking at on your...
  2. Android News

    Microsoft's Arrow Launcher now supports tablets

    The latest update to Arrow Launcher from Microsoft adds support for tablets, along with new backup options, a horizontal layout option for the all apps page, and more.
  3. Android News

    Latest update to Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher brings optimizations and more

    The Arrow Launcher from Microsoft received a big 3.0 update today that claims to making it use 15% less battery and 20% less memory than the previous version, and makes it 10% faster too. The update also lets you choose between vertical or horizontal scrolling for your apps page, and adds a new...
  4. Android News

    You can now customize app names and icons with Microsoft's Arrow Launcher

    The latest beta update for Microsoft's Arrow Launcher now adds the ability to customize the name and icons for applications.
  5. Android News

    Microsoft updates its Arrow Launcher, adding Office 365 integration

    Microsoft has just released its 2.0 update for its Arrow Launcher. The design of the app is basically the same, but it now includes Office 365 support which allows you to view Microsoft Office app on your Android device without needing to install Office 365. The company has also reduced the...