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awareness api

  1. Android News

    Google says Semantic Time support is now available with Android's Awareness APIs

    Last year was the introduction of the Awareness API which allowed for things like Bluetooth beacons and other contextually aware applications. Previously, developers were restricted to using absolute/canonical representation of time with this API, but with Semantic Time support, applications...
  2. Android News

    Google releases Android's Awareness API for developers to integrate into their apps

    In May, we learned that Google was working on an Awareness API for Android that could let apps detect what we're doing and then react accordingly (like launching a biking app when Android detects you are riding a bike). Google has just announced the Awareness API is available to all developers...
  3. Android News

    Google reveals Awareness API so apps can use contextual information

    Google has revealed a new API for Android. Simply called Awareness API, it's a system that allows apps to read contextual states of many different phone elements. This includes location, time, weather, activity, place, and more. These elements are the building blocks Google uses for smart apps...