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  1. Android News

    16 new Binge On providers added by T-Mobile

    T-Mobile has added 16 new providers to the list of Binge On services. The list includes Apple Music, 3 Disney apps, Fox Now, and more. Binge On is a service that lets customers watch video without using their data.
  2. Android News

    T-Mobile and Facebook are reportedly working together to get Facebook Live on Binge On

    T-Mobile has really been working hard to add as many music and video providers to the company's Binge On service and a report suggests a new partner is in the works. T-Mobile has reportedly been working with Facebook to try and get their Facebook Live streams into the program. There hasn't been...
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    T-Mobile adds PBS, YouTube Gaming and more to Binge On

    T-Mobile has added a handful of new video services to their Binge On feature which lets you watch videos without counting it toward your data. New services include Azubu, Dailymotion Games, Eyegroove, Fox Sports, PBS, PBS Kids, and YouTube Gaming. The list of Binge On services supported grows to...
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    T-Mobile adds 12 new services to Binge On

    T-Mobile today announced the addition of 12 new services to Binge On, their perk of free video that doesn't count against data. These services include Google Play Music, Spotify, Tidal, NBC and more. You'll notice a good deal of these services are primarily music services, but that's because...
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    T-Mobile's Music Freedom and Binge On add more services

    T-Mobile today announced new music streaming and video streaming services being added to Music Freedom and Binge On, respectively. Music Freedom gets Amazon Music, Chilltrax, ESPN Radio, OHIO.FM, PreDanz and Uforia, while Binge On gets Dailymotion, EPIX, OVGuide, OWNZONES, Viki, YipTV and 120...
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    T-Mobile's CFO reveals that the Unlimited data plan won't be around forever

    T-Mobile CFO, Braxton Carter, revealed at a recent investor conference, that T-Mobile still plans to moving away from true unlimited data. By pointing to the increase in the plan cost over the last two years, Carter explained how more and more people are not in need of unlimited data. Include...
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    T-Mobile adds YouTube as a new BingeOn partner

    T-Mobile has finally gotten the big one under their belt for BingeOn. YouTube is now one of the official partners who will offer their videos without you having to use any of your data. Google and T-Mobile butted heads a bit in the early going due to the way BingeOn compressed the videos, but it...
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    Stanford white paper argues T-Mobile’s Binge On is bad for cutomers and net neutrality

    T-Mobile's "Binge On" campaign, which allows unfettered download speeds for certain types of streaming video, has it's lovers and haters. Count one Stanford University professor a hater: she has written a white paper that argues the program is a disaster for both customers and net neutrality.
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    T-Mobile adds 4 new video services to Binge On, including Amazon and WWE

    T-Mobile has added 4 major new services to Binge On so you can watch video without your data being eaten up. Those services are Amazon Instant Video, WWE Network, Fox News and Univision.
  10. Android News

    John Legere Writes an Open Letter About Binge On

    John Legere has just published an open letter to T-Mobile customers and consumers everywhere to explain what Binge On is and how it works. John issues an apology to the EFF for the comments he made on Twitter, however, he still doesn't talk about how both YouTube and the EFF claim that T-Mobile...
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    4stream.tv is No Longer a Binge On Partner Because of the Comments the T-Mobile CEO Made

    If you aren't aware yet, T-Mobile's CEO has been on the attack lately because of the accusations of bandwidth throttling due to the Binge On service. In light of recent comments made by John Legere, 4stream.tv is no longer participating in the Binge On service. Asking T-Mobile to be more honest...
  12. Android News

    The EFF Confirms that T-Mobile is Throttling All Video Traffic with Binge On

    YouTube recently accused T-Mobile of throttling their video traffic. T-Mobile responded and said that they were simply 'optimizing' video traffic, not throttling users. Well, the EFF just published a report today that confirms T-Mobile is indiscriminately throttling all video traffic down to...
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    T-Mobile Says They Optimize YouTube Videos, Not Throttle the Bandwidth

    Just last week we saw YouTube claim that T-Mobile was throttling their users when streaming video from the website. Since YouTube didn't partner with T-Mobile for their Binge On promotion, so nothing should have been touched. However, it does seem like T-Mobile is doing something with YouTube...
  14. Android News

    YouTube Claims that T-Mobile is Throttling its Streaming Traffic

    When T-Mobile announced their Binge On feature, they talked about using certain codec to keep quality high while reducing the overall traffic consumption. What they didn't talk about was throttling the user's traffic to the streaming service and that is exactly what YouTube is accusing T-Mobile...
  15. Android News

    T-Mobile's 'Binge On' Allows You to Stream Video Without Touching Data

    The feature, called "Binge On" gives subscribers unmetered access to Netflix, HBO Go, DirecTV and even Verizon's weirdo Go90 curated video service for free. If you're not itching to switch to a new plan, never fear -- as long as you're paying for extra data, you'll get the Binge nod in about...