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blackberry dtek50

  1. Android News

    BlackBerry releases September security update

    BlackBerry has now begun the rollout of the September Android security update according to a new post on the BlackBerry Knowledge Base. Once downloaded and installed, you should see your security patch level change to show September 5, 2017, or later.
  2. Android News

    BlackBerry dismisses the PRIV from its online store, discounts others

    The BlackBerry PRIV is no longer available for purchase from the company's website. They do have deals on the DTEK lineup, though, with discounts ranging from $30 to $60.
  3. Android News

    BlackBerry pushes out May security patches

    BlackBerry has started rolling out the May security patch for their various Android phones. The updates bring no other notable changes.
  4. Android News

    DEAL: BlackBerry is discounting both the DTEK50 and Priv for spring cleaning

    If you're in the market for either the DTEK50 or the Priv, then BlackBerry's own web store is the place for you. Right now, you can pick up the Priv for $350, or the DTEK50 for $250.
  5. Android News

    Deal: BlackBerry takes $50/$40 off the DTEK60 and DTEK50

    BlackBerry has cut the price on its DTEK60 and DTEK50 phones, dropping the price down to just $449 for the DTEK50 and $259 for the DTEK50.
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    The BlackBerry Priv and DTEK50 are being discounted through Amazon Canada

    Amazon Canada currently has BlackBerry Priv and DTEK50 on sale. The Priv is down to CAD 429.99 while the DTEK50 is down to CAD 299.
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    DEAL: BlackBerry DTEK50 is now selling for $230

    B&H Photo is offering yet another great smartphone deal. The BlackBerry DTEK50 has been discounted to $230, a good $70 less than its usual $299.99 price point.
  8. Android News

    Deal: BlackBerry DTEK50 $30 off in Canada

    There's a nice deal for the BlackBerry DTEK50 in Canada. You can get it for $30 off from the Canadian version of Amazon. That brings its price down to $289.
  9. Android News

    BlackBerry DTEK50 and DTEK60 are now available in India

    BlackBerry has finally launched its new Android-powered smartphones in India. The DTEK50 and DTEK60 are selling for ₹21,990 ($330) and₹46,990 ($700) respectively.
  10. Android News

    BlackBerry updates the Priv, DTEK50 and DTEK60 with November's security fixes

    Google announced November's security update today, and BlackBerry is already starting to roll out these patches to the Priv, DTEK50 and DTEK60.
  11. Android News

    BlackBerry DTEK50 calls it the phone with no name

    Daniel of Android Central just published his review of the DTEK50 from BlackBerry, and they call it a solid smartphone with a focus on security. They feel that the DTEK50 isn't a great phone, but it's not a bad phone either.
  12. Android News

    BlackBerry DTEK50 official beta update on the way

    After releasing a beta Android update for the Priv, BlackBerry is now doing the same for the DTEK50. Those who have opted in to the BlackBerry Beta Zone will receive a notification that an update is available. The update weighs in at around 435MB and serves as the September security update for...
  13. Android News

    BlackBerry DTEK50 review says it's secure, but not special

    Chris of The Verge just published his review of the BlackBerry DTEK50, and he felt there were better phones to buy within the $300 to $400 range. Good Stuff - Monthly security updates - Near-stock Android software - Nice display and speakers Bad Stuff - Unimpressive performance - Weak...
  14. Android News

    Review of the BlackBerry DTEK50 states it's a solid device with a secure foundation

    Engadget has provided everyone a quick review of the BlackBerry DTEK50 and gives it a 74/100. The devices pros include a solid build quality while being inexpensive. The cons include the occasional software hiccups, and unimpressive battery life.
  15. Android News

    Deal: Free mobile power charger with BlackBerry DTEK50

    B&H Photo has a nice deal on the BlackBerry DTEK50. Buying one for $300 gets you a free mobile power charger. It's a 12,600mAh battery pack worth $60.
  16. Android News

    BlackBerry is rolling out a patch for the QuadRooter vulnerabilities to the Priv and DTEK50

    This month it was discovered that there were 4 vulnerabilities within Qualcomm's code that effects Android smartphones with its SoCs. Google says 3 out of the 4 vulnerabilities are already patched, but the last patch won't go out until September's monthly update. BlackBerry is already on top of...
  17. Android News

    BlackBerry DTEK50 review says it's a secure smartphone with many compromises

    Lanh just published his review of the BlackBerry DTEK50 and he admits that it's great for those who need security on a fixed budget. Pros - Good, albeit very familiar, design - Lots of useful software features - Security is a big priority - MicroSD card slot Cons - Lackluster camera -...
  18. Android News

    BlackBerry DTEK50 review says it's better than expected

    A review of the BlackBerry DTEK50 notes that it's natural to go into the purchase not expecting much, but the device is better than expected. The review is referencing its middling spec sheet and price tag in that regard. Despite its weak-on-paper specs, the device is said to perform well overall.
  19. Android News

    The BlackBerry DTEK50 is now available in the Netherlands

    BlackBerry has launched the DTEK50 smartphone in the Netherlands. The device will sell for €339 in the country. BlackBerry advertises the DTEK50 as the world's most secure phone
  20. Android News

    Hands-on with the BlackBerry DTEK50 says it's a solid little phone

    Chris of Engadget just published his hands-on preview of the BlackBerry DTEK50 and he started to enjoy the device the more he used it. He feels the DTEK50 is a great business move as it enables BlackBerry to release a new smartphone without spending a ton of money.
  21. Android News

    BlackBerry DTEK50 hands-on says it's a weaker PRIV without a keyboard

    A hands-on of the BlackBerry DTEK50 highlights that it doesn't do much unique. It's essentially a PRIV without a keyboard and a much lower price tag, says the writer. As such, unless security is your main concern then there is tough competition for the DTEK50 available.
  22. Android News

    You can now pre-order the BlackBerry DTEK50 at Unlocked Mobiles and Clove UK

    BlackBerry officially announced the DTEK50 today and there are already a couple of websites that will let you pre-order it. If you're a fan of Unlocked Mobiles, or Clove UK, then you can pre-order your BlackBerry DTEK50 with a shipping date between August 1st and 5th.
  23. Android News

    BlackBerry DTEK50 hands-on says it's not original, but the promise of security is huge

    The Verge has posted initial hands-on impressions of the BlackBerry DTEK50. They note that the hardware is hardly original and it doesn't do anything special in that regard, however BlackBerry's commitment to security -- including going as far as encrypting the chipset and promising day-zero...
  24. Android News

    Hands-on with the BlackBerry DTEK50 says it has a vexing name and a lack of star appeal

    Daniel of Android Central went hands-on with BlackBerry's second Android smartphone and they say that this could be the company's solution to its troubled smartphone business.
  25. Android News

    BlackBerry DTEK50 goes official

    BlackBerry today announced the DTEK50. The device costs $299 and pre-sales for it begin today. The BlackBerry DTEK50 is a mid-range handset with a Snapdragon 617 chipset, 5.2-inch HD display, and more.