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bluetooth 5

  1. wilkyyb

    bluetooth headphones not working on specific device

    My phone doesn't give sound to my JBL Bluetooth headphones but other phones do give sound. pls help :)
  2. Android News

    A future software update will enable Bluetooth 5 on the HTC U11

    An FCC document shows HTC has been approved to enable Bluetooth 5 on the HTC U11. It appears the functionality will come as part of a simple software update.
  3. Android News

    How fast is Bluetooth 5 on the Galaxy S8?

    Curious about how fast Bluetooth is on the Galaxy S8? Gary from Android Authority explains the difference between Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy and how Bluetooth 5 improves both of those. It's also what's included in the Galaxy S8.
  4. Android News

    Software is holding Bluetooth 5 back on the Galaxy S8

    While the Galaxy S8 hardware supports Bluetooth 5, it seems as if the software is holding the technology back. Samsung will not likely begin working on this until after the Galaxy S8 receives its Android O OTA update.
  5. Android News

    The Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone to have Bluetooth 5 connectivity

    We knew that Bluetooth 5 was already official, but we didn't know which devices would ship with it. It's now been revealed that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will both be the first smartphones with Bluetooth 5 connectivity.
  6. Android News

    The Bluetooth 5 spec has officially been adopted, expected in products within 2 - 6 months

    Back in June of this year, we learned that the Bluetooth SIG was working on version 5 of the Bluetooth spec. It wasn't clear when it would be available but now the group has finalized the spec. We're told devices using Bluetooth 5 should be on the market within two to six months.
  7. Android News

    Bluetooth 5 has been officially announced

    At the middle of last week, we learned some early details about Bluetooth 5 and when it was going to be announced. The dates matched up as it has been officially announced today and it is said to bring 4x the range, twice the speed, and increase data broadcast capacity by 800%.
  8. Android News

    The Bluetooth SIG shares some details about the upcoming upgrade to version 5

    The Bluetooth SIG is working on the next generation of Bluetooth technology and today in a letter, we learned some information about what Bluetooth 5 will bring us. The letter says the next generation of Bluetooth will be called Bluetooth 5, it will be unveiled on June 16th and it will come...