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  1. Android News

    Samsung partners with app developers for the Gear S3

    Samsung has announced a series of partnerships with app developers to bring new options to the Gear S3 smartwatch. These partnerships include Spotify, HERE WeGo, and BMW.
  2. Android News

    As of right now, Android Auto will not be an option in BMW cars

    Last year, BMW said they would be using Apple's Car Play in their automobiles so many have been hoping they would offer the same for Android Auto. However, that doesn't seem to be the case as the company's Senior Vice President of Digital Services and Business Models confirmed that will not be...
  3. Android News

    Google partners with BMW Group to create a new Tango app for car shoppers

    BMW i Visualiser is a new application from Google and BMW i that allows you to see various BMW cars directly on the screen of a Tango device. You'll be able to try out the app at select BMW dealerships in the US, UK, Germany, Norway, Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, China and Japan.
  4. Android News

    BMW, Intel and MobilEye announce they will be testing self-driving cars sometime this year

    Everyone seems to want in on the upcoming self-driving car market since a standard has yet to be created. Today at CES, Intel, BMW and MobileEye have announced they want to begin testing their autonomous platform sometime during the second half of this year.
  5. Android News

    BMW and partner SK Telecom showcase world's first 5G car

    In partnership with SK Telecom, BMW Korea has introduced a new vehicle called the T5 that is the world's first 5G connected car. According to the report, it can recognize road conditions like heavy traffic and accidents in just 0.1 seconds and is capable of streaming UHD video over the 5G network.
  6. Android News

    You can now lock your BMW and send it directions with Alexa

    Back in August, BMW said they would soon support the Amazon Alexa personal assistant, and yesterday they made it happen. With the new Amazon Alexa skill, you can lock your car's doors, put a scheduled trip on it, and check the battery/fuel levels.
  7. Android News

    BMW will add Alexa support to their Connected assistant app

    BMW has added Alexa support to their Connected assistant app. The app helps the user determine accurate "leave by" times for appointments and meetings by factoring in things like local traffic and your fuel levels (so if you need to visit a gas station, it will give you enough time to do so).
  8. Android News

    BMW subsidiary helped to design the upcoming ZTE Axon 7

    ZTE is getting ready to launch the Axon 7 on May 26th and some might be interested to know who helped design the device. ZTE is said to have actually reached out to the BMW subsidiary, Designworks. There's no details on how much of the design they are responsible for, but we could learn more in...
  9. Android News

    BMW uses the HTC Vive to help design new vehicles

    Forget fun games and apps: BMW is using the HTC Vive virtual reality headset to help design real vehicles. The company uses the headset to help engineers get a good idea of how easy it is for a driver to see various angles while they're sitting in a car to ensure road safety. BMW has been using...