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b&n nookcolor

  1. A

    What is the name of next android?

    Hello friends Android is improving day by day over ios . The names used for every new update of Android is always in news. So which item will be next ? Any idea? Guess the names It may be Nestle Noodles
  2. bg4m3r

    Root Netflix display/crash issue

    I've been messing with my nook color again lately and installed mrom jellybean. With some performance tweaks it's running pretty good. I installed Netflix and remembered why I didn't keep it before. Screenshot below shows the issue, which is followed by the app crashing, especially if you hit...
  3. M

    Root Somebody please slap me upside the head I had jb cm10 working perfectly

    I had jb cm10 working perfectly. installed from cwm on sd. Like an idiot I tried to flash the latest cm build that came with its own recovery. To make a long story short I flashed the recovery through flashify. upon reboot my os was wiped out. I managed to flash both cwm and twrp to the eemc...
  4. M

    Root After resurrecting nookcolor with cm7 unable to install cm10 or 11

    Are any living people still supporting this device. If so much thanks. I am using a twrp boot sd 2.0.32 twrp encore on a 32 gig sandisk sd that I am planning to format if I can ever get cm11 or cm10 installed. cm11 milestone failed out. during install from zip right away. so i figured cm10...
  5. bg4m3r

    Help Problem with Netflix

    I'm having an issue with Netflix on here. I've installed MROM 10.1, and everything is running fine, even YouTube (at 360p). But when I try to use Netflix, it looks like below (the picture is actually usually smaller... About 25% of the screen), and crashes back to the episode list after about 30...
  6. bg4m3r

    Root Uninstall dialer/messenger without getting gapps crash.

    Hi guys...I have a quick question which I didn't see when doing a quick search. Simply put, the NOOKcolor doesn't have the capability to make phone calls or do texting by traditional cellular means so I want to remove the dialer, messenger, and related storage and sync apps without ending up...
  7. J

    Help help no boot after loading firmwear for nook tablet

    Help I loaded firmwear for the nook tablet on to my nook color via side load now I get nothing when I push the power button.except when I plug in to my PC then I get a device signal beep then I get the disconnect beep.help me flash the stock firmwear and how to I make my PC see the nook
  8. A

    Sorry new user to the forum....

    This morning, our nook colour got low on battery. Plugged in the charger and the nook started a reset function. Removing all internal stored data and profiles. Ok not a big issue. Set everything up again except.... and here's the kicker. My 3 year old had set up a short cut button (white...
  9. A

    Root Stock File

    I'm wanting to go back to stock on my Nook color, but i can't find the old file. Does anyone still have it?
  10. bg4m3r

    Root Improve performance...

    I have a NOOKcolor 1.4.3 running cm7 off internal storage. It runs OK, but I would like something that runs more efficiently. What ROM would be ideal, and what would be the best method of installing? If possible, I would like to be able to run Chrome, but I know that requires android 4 minimum.
  11. I

    Root Help! From a noob that went beyond his limits...

    So, I erased the original OS on my nook color 1.4.3,tried to installed a few different cyanogenmods, eventually "cm-10.2.1-encore" took. I tried installing "gapps-kk-20140606-signed" with it, but it failed. Cyan boots now, but immediately upon booting, I get the error " unfortunately, the...
  12. P

    Root boots cyanoboot after SD removed

    This is my first attempt at hacking anything, so bear with me because I don't have all the correct vocabulary. I tried to install CM10 on my 8GB nook color, model # BNRV200 (more details below). I used CWM- v6.0.1.2. After running through the installation and removing the SD card, I try to...
  13. G

    Root Help - Rooted NookColor, but having big SD card problem.

    I'm having incredible difficulty here and I've spent hours on top of hours trying to solve the issue. My uncle gave me a Nook color which he rooted to run cyanogenmod 7(Android OS 2.3). I rooted it again to use cyanogemod 10(Android OS 4.1) and it was successful using the SD Card method. The...
  14. L

    Help Nook Color B&N Content Storage Space full

    Hello i have a small problem a few days ago i got a nook color, it was cool at first i got a few apps had a few problems installing them so i turn off my nook an redownloaded them a few times, then this morning i acidently formatted my nook, then when i tried to redownload my games it...
  15. T

    Root Running cm7 off sd, can't get gapps to install

    So I inherited a nook color (yes color, not the newer one with the mic) and I decided to give Android a try. I bought a 16gb sd card, downloaded CM7 and all that good stuff. I have CM7 running, but at first I could not get gapps to install because I couldn't get the nook into recovery mode...
  16. bostoniansurvivor

    Root any help would be great

    I just now rooted and installed cwm for a friend of mine. I was surprised to find that the market or play store wasn't included in the rom. I've looked everywhere I can think of and I can't find how to get the market. Is there an apk that I'm missing? The recent apks don't work because...
  17. bostoniansurvivor

    not sure what to do

    I just now rooted and installed cwm for a friend of mine. I was surprised to find that the market or play store wasn't included in the rom. I've looked everywhere I can think of and I can't find how to get the market. Is there an apk that I'm missing? The recent apks don't work because...
  18. leftnut26

    Root superuser/root issues

    My friend just brough her nook back to me all messed up. First problem. Superuser is denying access to all apps. I can't even find the SU app anywhere on the nook. Thought it would be an easy fix, With a fresh install. (Currently running cm10.1, I believe it was a stable version) tried to use...
  19. F

    Root Stuck on CyanogenMod rotating circles

    I'm trying to upgrade my Nook Color from CM7 to CM10 and get stuck at theloading circles. I have the rom installed in the EMMC memory. i wiped the data/cache/Davlik and fixed permitions. Using CWM v6.0.1.2. Don't know what im doing wrong.
  20. leftnut26

    Root Goo manager issues

    so i was lookin through the roms in goo manager. found chameleonOS. sounds pretty cool. i DL 2 different ones before i found chameleon. since then i cant DL. it just says wait and the 10sec count down. but never starts. many times tried, uninstalled and reinstalled goo as well. anyone had...
  21. C

    Root SD CM7 nook color junk files.

    So I used my rooted nook for about a year before I passed it down to my 4 year old and re-rooted it with a soft root on the sd card here a year or so ago. Now he's being upgraded to a samsung galaxy and the rooted nook is going to my mom. In the time my sons had it we've gone through MANY many...
  22. N

    Root Back to stock

    Good afternoon. I have a Nook Color rooted with an SD card. problem is, the SD card disappeared. I want to return the Nook back to stock so I can give it to my kid and use it as just an e-reader. Is there a how to? Thanks
  23. tdm

    Root [ROM] Gummy ROM 4.3

    Gummy ROM is made for speed, stability and to stay as closely in line with AOSP as possible while still supporting a large amount of devices and giving you all of the features you love. It isn
  24. N

    Root Nook Color Won't Boot From SD Card

    Despite my every effort for hours, I can not get this Nook Color v1.4.3 to boot from the SD Card. It skips past into Stock. It was Rooted for many months happily. Yesterday it suddenly became unrooted. I had to Force a Factory Install. Now I can not get this thing read any SD Card, with any...
  25. T

    Root Best choice to root Nook Color

    I'm sure that this has been asked and answered, but I haven't been able to find it. I've had an original Nook Color for a few years. I ran CM7 from a SD card on it for about a year when I first got it. But once I got a 10 inch tablet, I took out the SD card and just used it as a Nook...