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camera reviews

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    DxOMark scores the Xperia XZ Premium with an 83 out of 100

    DxOMark has scored the Sony Xperia XZ Premium with its new testing protocols, and gave the device a score of 83 out of 100.
  2. Android News

    The iPhone 8 Plus supplants the Pixel as the highest rated DxOMark camera

    With 94 points on a 100 scale, Apple's new iPhone 8 Plus brings the Google Pixel's DxOMark Mobile reign to a halt, at least until the iPhone X arrives. ]
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    OnePlus 5 Camera review states that it offers plenty of bang for your buck

    PocketNow has published its "real camera review" and states the device "delivers where it counts, occasionally punching above the phone's price tag."
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    OnePlus 5 camera review takes a look at the three photo modes

    Andrew from Android Central has published his review of the OnePlsu 5 camera by taking a look at the three different camera modes: primary, telephoto, and Portrait Mode. He states that due to the lack of optical image stabilization (OIS), it's tough to get good low-light photography.
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    DxOMark ranks the HTC U11 higher than any other smartphone

    DxOMark has reviewed the HTC U11's camera and gave it a score of 90. This is higher than any other smartphone, putting it one point above the previous leader, Google's Pixel.
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    DxOMark gives the Galaxy S8 a score of 88

    DxOMark has published its review of the Galaxy S8 camera and gave the device a score of 88. This puts the device right alongside the Galaxy S7 Edge and HTC 10.
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    The Sony Xperia XZ has been given an 87 from DxOMark

    DxOMark has reviewed the camera on the Sony Xperia XZ and gave the device a score of 87.
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    DxOMark rates the Huawei Mate 9's camera at 85

    DxOMark has published its rating for the Huawei Mate 9 and ranks the camera at an 85. This puts it behind the Pixel/Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S6/S7, and the iPhone 7.
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    LG V20 camera review states that it is best suited for a young adult or teenager

    Android Central has published a review of the camera on the LG V20 and states that the device is for someone who wants to be creative but isn't keen on having the same device as others.