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carl pei

  1. Android News

    Carl Pei says they're working to improve the Alert Slider

    Touch latency has been complained about on the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T, but with the latest open beta of OxygenOS that issue is fixed. Carl Pei recently talked about this on Twitter and indicates that the Alert Slider is next on the list.
  2. Android News

    OnePlus' Carl Pei says they will look at the T3's touch latency issues

    Carl Pei has acknowledged those who have complained about the OnePlus 3T's touch latency issues. OnePlus will be looking into the issue, but the software team's first priority is the Android N update which is expected to be released in December.
  3. Android News

    Part 2 of the Carl Pei interview talks about the OnePlus X, software updates and more

    In the second part of the Carl Pei interview that was conducted over on XDA, we get to read what Carl has to say about past and future software updates, why they left the OnePlus X behind, how people feel about the new UX changes and what the future holds for OnePlus.
  4. Android News

    An interview with OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei talks about the OnePlus 3, the Google Pixel and more

    Aamir from XDA had a chance to sit down and interview Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus. During the interview they discuss how the company bounced back from the OnePlus 2, what Carl thinks about the Google Pixel launch, how the company feels about the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and more.
  5. Android News

    Carl Pei says the benchmark of the OnePlus 3 Mini is fake

    Earlier today, a rumor started to spread that claimed a certain benchmark database entry was of an unannounced OnePlus 3 Mini. Carl Pie, the co-founder of OnePlus, quickly debunked this rumor and says "no" this is not true.
  6. Android News

    OnePlus co-founder shows off sketches of what a OnePlus smartwatch would have looked like

    In 2015, OnePlus was working on a smartwatch, but the company decided to scratch the project in an effort to focus all of its resources on high-end Android smartphones. To give us an idea of what the smartwatch could have looked like, One Plus co-founder Carl Pei shared an image on Twitter...
  7. Android News

    OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, responds to criticisms about the display on the OnePlus 3

    The OnePlus 3 has turned the heads of a lot of people, and with all of this attention comes a lot of criticism. One such criticism is the 1080p pentile AMOLED panel and today Carl Pei has responded. He says people try to "find explanations and faults" about the OnePlus One, then the OnePlus 2...