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    CBS All Access coming to Canada, other markets in 2018

    CBS All Access is proving popular and will be expanding next year. The service will be expanding to Canada in 2018.
  2. Android News

    Some CBS shows are coming to Hulu's subscription service

    If you're a Hulu subscriber, or are a fan of CBS shows like Big Bang Theory, NCIS and 60 Minutes, then you'll be happy to hear about this new partnership. Hulu tells us that "much of CBS' content" will be available on-demand to subscribers of their TV service.
  3. Android News

    NFL games come to the CBS All Access application this weekend

    CBS All Access is an online streaming service that allows their customers to stream network content to their device. This service has been limited in certain ways, but this weekend you will be able to stream weekend and Thursday night NFL games through the service.
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    CBS has reportedly signed on for Google's rumored web TV service

    It's been rumored that Google is trying to get studios to sign on with the company's upcoming web TV platform. A new report from The Wall Street Journal says this service is scheduled to launch in early 2017, and that CBS has just jumped on board.
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    Netflix will air the new Star Trek series outside of NA

    CBS is rebooting Star Trek with a brand new show. The original announcement was for North American markets where users could pay $5.99 to subscribe to the premium CBS service to gain access to the show online. However, this means those outside of North America wouldn't be able to watch it...
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    You Can Get 2 Free Months of CBS All Access for Buying a Chromecast After December 26th

    Google and CBS will be holding a promotion after the holidays for those who purchase a Chromecast for the TV(not Chromecast Audio). If you buy one between December 26th and February 6th, then you can get 2 free months of CBS All Access. This promotion is only available to new signups and you...