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    Chrome 58 will add the ability to open Custom Tabs in a Chrome Browser tab

    Chrome Custom Tabs allow apps to deliver a webpage in a fully functional and customizable Chrome tab without users having to leave the app. As of Chrome 58, users will be given the option to open a Custom Tab link as its own tab within the Google Chrome browser itself. The functionality is live...
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    Android 7.0 users are not seeing Chrome Beta and Chrome Dev in the Play Store's My Apps section

    Most people open up the Play Store app, head to the My Apps section and just hit the Update All button to update their apps. Interestingly though, those of you who are on Android 7.0 and use Chrome Dev/Chrome Beta are not able to update these two apps this way. Instead, you'll have to head to...
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    Chrome Dev gets downloads manager on Android

    The Android version of Chrome now has a download manager in the latest Chrome Dev build. The Downloads option is now available in the overflow dropdown menu. The feature is currently experimental, as some downloads show up and some don't.
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    Chrome's new tab page could be powered by Google Now in the future

    Google recently updated their developer brand of Chrome for Android and it has an interesting flag in there that you can set. If turned on, can let Google Now add some content like recent bookmarks and articles for you right into Chrome's new tab page.
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    Users can now browse the web with Chrome Dev using their Google Cardboard headsets

    Google has started rolling out the ability to activate VR shell within the Chrome Dev Android app. This will make it possible for users to browse the web using their Cardboard or Daydream headsets. You will need to go into chrome://flags/#enable-vr-shell and enable the browser shell for VR.
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    You can enable a WebVR shell in Chrome Dev 53

    Google is going big on VR as its hitting multiple products and services that the company offers. In the latest update to Chrome Dev, there's a flag you can toggle that will enable a VR shell. To do this, all you have to do is go to chrome://flags/#enable-webvr-shell in the browser, and then...
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    Chrome Dev version 53 lets you show tab colors in the tab manager

    The latest update to Chrome Dev will bring the app up to version 53 and this update adds a flag, that when enabled, will let you display tab colors within the tab manager. These colors were a feature that was announced when Android 5.0 Lollipop was released and it lets a website change the URL...
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    You can now have at least two instances of Chrome Dev on tablets with Android N

    Android N is preparing the Android platform for its first official support of multiwindow and true multitasking features. Some apps aren't really prepared for this though. One such app is Chrome, as you can't have more than one instance of the app open at one time. This changed recently in an...
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    Google releases Chrome Dev v52 and gives us our first look at the new Herb system

    Google has been in the process of phasing out the merged tabs feature that was introduced back in Android 5.0 Lollipop. With that gone, the company has introduced what they are calling Herbs(which could just be internal codenames). We have 5 Herbs to choose from: Anise, Basil, Chive, Dill and...
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    Chrome Dev redesigns bookmarks widget

    Chrome Dev -- the bleeding edge version for developers to check out early -- has gotten updated, with the big change this time being a redesigned bookmarks widget. The bookmarks appeared as a collection of tabs before, but now they're in list form with a bit of Material Design flair.
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    Latest version of Google Chrome Dev removes “merge tabs and apps” option

    Google seems to be moving away from the ability to merge your open Chrome tabs with the apps in the multi-switcher. According to a user on Reddit, the latest update to the Chrome Dev app in the Play Store has removed this functionality. It's worth noting that the Chrome Dev build is there for...
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    Some Chrome Dev users are noticing Chrome Custom Tabs being used in all apps

    In Android Marshmallow, Google introduced a feature called Chrome Custom Tabs that would let developers hook into Chrome to open up web links within the app itself. This prevents the user from having to leave the app, and it loads faster too. The downfall is that app developers had to code this...