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    HP Chromebook x2 doubles as detachable tablet

    Many Chromebooks allow you to fold the keyboard behind the screen, but HP's new Chromebook let's you detach it completely for use as a tablet.
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    Acer debuts the first Chrome OS tablet, the Chromebook Tab 10

    Acer has pulled the wraps off the first Chrome tablet and it's called the Acer Chromebook Tab 10. This 10-inch tablet (9.7-inch display) has a 2018 x 1536 resolution and runs on the same OP1 platform the Samsung Chromebook Plus sports under its hood. There's a Wacom EMR pen with its own slot.
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    Chromebook split-screening for Android apps now available in Canary channel

    Google recently added split-screen snapping to Chrome OS so you could easily put two windows or web apps side-by-side. Unfortunately, it didn't apply to Android apps before, but that functionality has now been added to the Chrome OS Canary channel.
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    Deal: ASUS Chromebook Flip for $249

    The Asus 10.1-inch Chromebook Flip is down to $249 on Amazon. It normally sells for around $270 and has recently been selling as high as $300. This drop matches what it sold for on Black Friday.
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    Google Assistant may finally come to non-Pixelbook Chromebooks

    Google Assistant on Chromebooks has so far been a Pixelbook exclusive feature, but new commits discovered in the Chromium repository suggest Google Assistant could be rolling out to other Chromebook devices soon.
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    Are 4K Chromebooks on the way?

    The latest commits to the Chromium repository suggest that 4K Chromebooks could be on the way.
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    Chrome OS 64 hits stable channel

    Chrome OS 64 beta allowed you to run Android apps side-by-side just as you can with regular laptop apps. This improvement and more should now be part of the latest stable release, which is up to version number 64.0.3282.134 (Platform version: 10176.65.0). Another notable addition is a new...
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    Dell announces rugged Chromebook 5000 Series

    Dell has announced a new rugged Chromebook that's intended for use in classrooms across the globe.
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    Acer announces $349 Chromebook Spin 11 with 360-degree hinge and USB-C

    Acer has announced a new Chromebook called the Spin 11, a convertible design with a 360-hinge and 11.6-inch touchscreen. It will be able to run Android apps out of the box. This device was actually previously available for education buyers, but it will now be available in regular retail channels...
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    Lenovo announces three new education-focused Chromebooks

    Lenovo has announced three new Chromebooks, which are education-focused and pricing starts at $219 for the Lenovo 100e, and maxes out at $349 for the 500e.
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    Full list of Chromebooks getting patched to fix Meltdown vulnerability

    Google has published a full list of Chromebooks that will be patched against the Meltdown vulnerability.
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    10 new Chromebooks get access to Google Play

    10 more Chromebooks are getting the Google Play Store. The goods will come either through stable or beta channels, depending on which device you have.
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    HP announces two new Chromebooks and the Chromebox G2 desktop

    HP just unveiled two new Chromebooks, one 11-inch and one 13-inch, targeted towards the educational market. The company also announced the Chromebox G2, a successor to the 2014 HP Chromebox.
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    Acer launches a new Chromebook 11 with USB-C

    Acer is releasing a new version of the Chromebook 11, which is a pretty standard low- to mid-range addition to its array of Chromebooks. Acer claims the new Chromebook 11 CB311 gets up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. It also has a fanless design aimed at making the laptop...
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    Samsung’s new Chromebook will be the first to feature a 13-megapixel camera

    New code references have been discovered in the Chromium Gerrit which confirm that the device codenamed “Nautilus” is indeed a detachable Chromebook by Samsung. It’s going to be powered by a 7th-generation Intel processor. The code reveals it may have a 13-megapixel camera.
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    The Pixelbook is being used to test Google's Fuchsia OS

    A page about installing Fuchsia on the Google Pixelbook was recently added, which explains the process of placing the laptop in developer mode and booting from a USB drive. This is a hint that Google is now targeting it for testing as they have models from Acer and Intel.
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    Samsung’s new 2-in1 Chromebook might come with a stylus

    According to new code commits, Samsung’s ‘Nautilus’ is expected to come with a stowable stylus just like the Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus in 2017.
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    512GB Pixelbook is now available at the Google Store

    At long last, the 512GB Pixelbook is now available at the Google Store. The configuration costs $1549, and also comes with a Core i7 chipset and 16GB of RAM.
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    Deal: Pixelbook is $100 off

    At select retailers, you can buy the Pixelbook for $100 off. They'll also throw in a free Google Home.
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    Deal: Acer Chromebook 15 for $299 with free Google Home

    You can currently get a Chromebook 15 for only $299.99 ($100 off), plus a free Google Home to boot. Best Buy has the deal for a limited time.
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    Deal: Get Netflix free for 6 months with a Samsung Chromebook or Pixelbook

    Buyers of the Samsung Chromebook Pro, Chromebook Plus or Google Pixelbook can redeem six months worth of free Netflix streaming. The offer unlocks $65.94 worth of credit for Netflix, which is equivalent to six months of the $10.99, two-screen plan. Users can also still subscribe to the other...
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    ChromeOS tablet mode can now take screenshots like Android on dev channel

    A new dev channel update for ChromeOS has made it so when you're in tablet mode, you can take screenshots by holding volume down and power like on most Android devices.
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    Microsoft Office now available on all Chromebooks

    Microsoft has been testing out its Office apps on Chromebooks for the past year, but they’ve been mainly limited to Google’s latest PixelBook device. It now appears that testing has concluded, and a number of Chromebooks are now receiving the goods.
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    Deal: Acer Chromebook 14 for $390

    Acer's Chromebook 14 for Work (CP5-471-312N) has dropped to $389.99 on Acer's U.S. store, a savings of $210.
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    More Chromebooks get Google Play support

    6 more Chromebooks now have Google Play support. The Acer Chromebook 11 (C740) and Dell Chromebook 11 (7310) now have Android app support in the Chrome OS Beta channel. Meanwhile, the HP Chromebook 13 G1, Lenovo Thinkpad 13 Chromebook, and Samsung Chromebook 3 now have the Play Store in the...