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  1. Android News

    Burger King's Google Home commercial won an advertising award

    The Burger King commercial which triggered everyone's Google Home won an advertising award for the Grand Prix in the Direct category at the Cannes Lions.
  2. Android News

    The first Galaxy S8 commercial arrives on YouTube

    Samsung has shared its first TV commercial on YouTube, giving everyone another tease ahead of its official launch.
  3. Android News

    New OnePlus #lickoflove promotional video shows a bit too much tongue

    OnePlus has a new commercial which may make you a bit uncomfortable. There are quite a few people who love their phones, but the new #lickoflove video may go a bit too far. OnePlus is also promoting its True Love bundle for Valentine's Day, which includes the OnePlus Bullets (V2) and OnePlus...
  4. Android News

    Google Home to be featured in $5 million Super Bowl TV ad

    Google Home will be getting its very own $5 million Super Bowl ad this coming Sunday. While we've seen plenty of commercials for Google Home already, we expect Google will be showing off Google Home in a new and unique way with the new ad.
  5. Android News

    Huawei P9 ad features Scarlett Johannson and Henry Cavill

    Huawei has just published one of their first major ads for the Huawei P9. It features Scarlett Johannson and Henry Cavill, the latter of whom played Superman in Batman vs Superman. The ad has the two sending photos to each other back and forth as if they're in some sort of photo competition. The...
  6. Rob

    Complete list of Superbowl 50 ads and the stories behind them

    You'll see a bunch of tech companies promoting their latest goods in tonight's Super Bowl ads including: Amazon, Fitbit, Intuit, LG, PayPal, Pokemon, Squarespace, T-Mobile, and Wix.com. Take a look at the entire list of commercials you'll see, with background info on each.
  7. Android News

    YouTube kicks off its Super Bowl Adblitz campaign

    YouTube has already kicked off its Super Bowl 50 Adblitz campaign and the company is encouraging advertisers to tease their commercials early. So you can head to their Adblitz website and watch a few teasers before the game and then they want you to come back during and after the game to catch...