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dash charge

  1. Android News

    OnePlus teases a new Dash Charge product on Twitter

    Dash Charge is a quick charging technology that OnePlus got from their parent company, OPPO. Earlier today, OnePlus teased on Twitter that tomorrow we'll "meet the future of Dash Charge."
  2. Android News

    Latest OnePlus video compares its Dash Charging to Samsung's Adaptive Charging

    OnePlus has just uploaded a new video on their YouTube channel that demonstrates just how fast the company's Dash Charge feature really is. The video shows the OnePlus 3 next to the Galaxy S7 and did a battery charging test. After 30 minutes, the OnePlus 3 had charged all the way to 67% while...
  3. Android News

    Speed analysis of the OnePlus 3 Dash Charging feature

    OnePlus is actually using a modified version of OPPO's VOOC charging, only with some minor tweaks in the code. Mario of XDA has just done a speed analysis to see how Dash Charging on the OnePlus 3 works in every day usage and explains how it can keep the device cool while charging.
  4. Android News

    OnePlus will release the Dash Charge code for ROM developers by the end of July

    With Dash Charge capabilities on the OnePlus 3, there's more to it than just plugging in your device and getting a quick charge. There is actually code that goes into the kernel which means that custom ROMs currently can't support Dash Charge. OnePlus will be rectifying this by making the source...
  5. Android News

    Dash Charge is a newly filed trademark from OnePlus

    Everyone seems to want their own type of fast charging technology and OnePlus has just filed a trademark over the term Dash Charge. It's unclear if this means OnePlus has engineered their own fast charging tech, or if they are just re-branding something else for the OnePlus 3.